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I called Federal Cartridge Co. this a.m. to inquire about their packaging. I had to leave a msg but I returned later to a vmail from Gary in Product Management providing the answer to my question, even tho' I didn't leave it in my orig. message :) They must get asked this a lot, "Why is a box of primers so much larger than everyone elses?" I hate to store this thing(1000 size) aside from wasteful packaging. According to Gary, the DOT mandated the packaging / size because their primers are "more powerful" than other mfgrs, states they don't like it either but what was irritating was his tone was of the "oh, do I have to answer this again..." and indicated that I should take it up with DOT. Whatever. If this is such a commonly asked question, put a faq on your site or prepare a better statement than "Take it up w/ DOT..." It's fine I got my answer, I may not like it or the attitude of the messenger but there it is./Customer service rant mode off

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