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Hevi-Shot DC, Waterfowl & Maximum defense rebates.

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I just searched for rebates for coyote loads and found some on Hevi-Shot's web-site. $10.00 cash back on two boxes of Dead Coyote, $10.00 cash back on two boxes of the new 2-3/4" Maximum Defense loads and up to $20.00 cash back on two boxes of the Hevi-Shot Waterfowl Loads. The 3" "B" waterfowl loads will work on coyotes. The new 1 oz Maximum Defense loads of "T" shot are going to be a great coyote load for recoil sensitive shooters. All of this ammo has to be purchased between July 1st and August 31st and the request for the rebates have to get to Hevi-Shot by September 15th 2009.http://www.hevishot.com/images/stories/200...eRebate2009.pdf

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