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I guess the old saying is true.....

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I got my issue of Predator Extreme magazine in the mail today and noticed a company that has copied RedHunterLLC's original idea of using various sized cartridge cases for predator call bodies. Our Brass-Tastic line of calls is different though. I guess the old saying, "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery" holds true. We gave a bunch of our Brass-Tastic calls away at last year's Shot Show and the imitators did not take long to hit the market with a similar product. However, I am happy to say that our call voices are unique to our product line and our "encased" cartridge calls will carry silently around your neck and never make noise while you move through the field. The crisp sound projects very well and due to their light weight, I can carry 4 calls around my neck on a single rawhide loop. Our little BlackHawk brass call can even be carried on your key chain. All of the Brass-Tastic calls come with a split ring for easy carry. post-26-1246506331.jpgpost-26-1246507156.jpg

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