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Coyote Skull

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I took a hiking trip up to the Salton Sea a while back and while walking along the shoreline ran across a coyote skull. It was already really clean and white, missing all the front teath and most of the back one's, but it's still pretty nice; didn't have to do anything to do except clean some of the dirt and other stuff that collected on it from the water.So I'm curious as to why the skull was so clean. I read about you guys using beetles and other things in order to get the skulls nice and clean, but this one was just naturally clean. Does it have something to do with it being in contact with the salt water, or something else?post-3-1289770158.jpgpost-3-1289770162.jpgpost-3-1289770166.jpgPS. Phone is in there just for reference to its size.

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