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When the Bullet hits the bone

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http://www.gunsandhunting.com/Bullethitsbone.htmlExperienced big-game hunters have undoubtedly recovered bullets from animals only to find they didn’t look like the pictures in the advertisements. Its also likely they have shot an animal or two that that was never recovered. This may have left them questioning their marksmanship as well as cartridge and bullet selection. Let’s face it, the bullet is the only thing taken to the field that actually comes into contact with the animal. That expensive rifle and high-dollar riflescope you spent your family’s Disneyland vacation money on stays right in your hands. It’s the bullet and your ability to put it in the right place that is the hinge pin to a successful hunt. The short mags, long mags, custom rifles and quality optics are just supporting characters. The bullet is the star!As a result of my experience working with bullets and bullet testing medias I was contracted by Ballistic Technology to evaluate and assist with the development of a new bullet-testing product called the Bullet Test Tube. The Bullet Test Tube provides hunters with an affordable, practical and re-useable means to conduct laboratory quality bullet testing on their own. As a result of my work with Ballistic Technology I ended up with a large quantity of the re-useable expansion material used in the Bullet Test Tube, allowing me to substantially enhance my on-going hunting bullet research.I took leg bones collected from whitetail deer, cut them to 5 inches in length and molded them inside the Bullet Test Tube at a depth of 1.5 inches. The bone I used was the short, humerus bone that connects to the shoulder of a whitetail deer. It is a bone commonly hit during bullet entry. To make the test even more interesting I selected bullets in four different calibers of vastly different weights impacting at various velocities.

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