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I bought a Millett TRS tactical scope and mounted it to my Tikka 25-06. The first scope had optical problems. The point of impact changed when I changed power settings. I found out when I shot the leg off a coyote. That one went back to Millett. They said there were problems with the scope and they sent a new "checked out" model. I sighted in and then the rifle sat in my safe for several months. When I pulled it out to use it, the illuminated reticule illumination didn't work. I tried the usual fixes but nothing worked. Millett & Simmons have been purchased by Bushnell so I had to send it to Bushnell. They just called and said it would be covered under warranty but it would be 6-months to a year before I would see a replacement. :horse apples: I asked if I could trade to a Bushnell 4200 tactical and they said that would cost me an additional $425.00 (plus the cost of my divorce proceedings). However, they did agree to a direct swap for an Elite 3200, 5 X 15 X 50. It's not an illuminated reticule but at least the thing won't break. I have three other Bushnell scopes and I am very pleased with them. I have another Millett on my I am really worried about reliability. I guess we'll see.My buddies have the Milletts and they have had no problems. Leave it to me to pick the bad ones in the barrel...... I think Bushnell was very fair on this deal and I guess it all worked out for the best. Happy New Year guys!

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