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jim d

Bad day setting sight pins

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Yesterday I had a new bow string installed, had the bow paper tuned, had a new peep installed so today I go out to reset my sight pins. Started at the 15yd. line and get the pin set with 6 shots, moved back to the 25yd. line and try to set the pin. after 15 shots and continuing to follow the arrows with the pin and having them continue to hit the same I am really getting upset. I stop and have a smoke and cup of coffee. Then it dawns on me that I decided to change pin colors for the different yardages and while on the 25yd. line I was still using the 15yd. pin the same color that I was using before I decided to move the colors around. Started all over and now my pins are good. Sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the roses :good:

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