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Cranky Farmer

Cleaning rods

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I was cleaning the 22-250 the other day after finishing up my trigger job and broke another blasted cleaning rod. I had been using one of those "universal" lits where you screw the cleaning rod sections together. We'll, I've broken my last and just ordered a Dewey 1 piece rod for the 17 Remington and another for the 22-250 along with a couple brass jags. No more broken cleaning rods for me!

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Glad to hear you've got some decent cleaning rods coming. You never want to run those screw together rods down your barrels. You can actually void some barrel manufactures warranties using those. You can void several warranties using a brass brush too. You need a good bore guide too so that your cleaning rod doesn't rub on the throat going in either. And always push the rod through and remove the patch don't try to bring it back through. Same with a nylon brush if you use one.

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