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  1. Been trying to put my son on some fish lately. It seems that the days I go out without him we have 15+ fish days and the days he comes out we get skunked or are just slow days. On this particular day I went out with a buddy of mine who owns a guide service, because he didn't have clients (ahh the joys of a bigger and nicer boat than the one I own!). We only caught 5 shad and this nice striper, but my son was able to reel them all in! Fun times and good memories. He's turning seven in May, and the plan is to have him taking hunters safety in May of next year. he can shoot a BB gun like nobody's business (and safely to boot!), and he's a smart one, so I think he's ready.
  2. Another option is to buy the junior furniture kit for the gun. It's a direct replacement and not too costly.
  3. Congratulations on your ride!
  4. I've been trying to sign up for this one for two years, but can't get in. It's nearly impossible. There's even a secondary market for the entry passes to ride... 5 passes for a total of 15,000 feet of climbing, 129 miles.
  5. I commute to work nearly every day (even in the winter! Coldest so far this year was 24 degrees!!) on my Cannondale CAAD 10. Keeps me in shape for my mountain bike racing and for hunting!
  6. The SSN on the DROS form is just to distinguish you from a person that might have a similar/same name. That is why it is optional. All that might happen (if you are legally able to purchase the firearm) is that if there happens to be someone very similar to you, it could potentially lengthen the return on the background check. I'm sure you won't have any hiccups.
  7. Nice Job, Ike! I'm on #2 also, but shotgun birds. Mine have been 10" and 10.5" both with 3/4 spurs. I'm still looking for that 11"+ with 1"+ spurs for a mount. I just picked up a new bow finally, so I'm ready for the archery season now.
  8. It's also not currently fox season...just wanted to make sure you saw that.
  9. My go to property is loaded right now. There's a few BIG 10" toms, about 20 jakes, and around a dozen hens coming through like clockwork. I'm getting excited. Any word on the bow shop? And any details regarding it?
  10. I hope so. I need a new bow bad. I've been putting off driving to Roseville because I loathe it so much. Gettin' ready for turkey, ike?
  11. Thanks, Tony. Though, I wasn't trying to compare. Just more curious what the final outcome was supposed to be, meat removed, or a clean skull...
  12. Was he just trying to remove the meat or clean the skull? Looks like the meat was removed succesfully, but it is completely full of grease... Just curious if that was the point or not.
  13. I'm supposed to be heading there for black bear in 2014 (missed 2013) on a DIY. Would be interesting to find out what other options are available at other times of year. There are some mainland hunts that you could look into as well. Very reasonably priced for non-residents and DIY friendly.
  14. That's great. Both great animals. I've been interested in javelina and was wondering if there is any chance you'd be willing to share publically or through PM how you went about doing your hunt? i.e., guided/unguided, private/public, etc.,. Thanks.
  15. Haha. Maybe it's just my luck. You know, first the boat place, then USA FOXX.