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  1. I know there is a way ; but I lost the info. Please does anyone know where I can get front and rear sights to fit my Benjamin Nitro Gp 1.77 break barrel pellet rifle. For the range I need iron sights would be better then the cheap sights that come with them. If it is within 20 or 30 yards I do not need a scope. Thank you Eddie
  2. Well we are doing a lot of uplifts to the property and house. Have not seen a rat in my woods for quite awhile. I await some roadwork to move the rats my way.
  3. Folks I bought 12 sticks of duct sealant bricks and put them in bottom of large plastic tub. I turned it up and draping a sheet over it I made the sheet pushed in a little. Works great. I stood 12 feet away using a powerful Benjamin np rifle. nothing went through. I used lead wadcutters
  4. Here in Massachusetts they passed an amendment for all bb,pellet and airsoft guns to have a wide permanent stripe down the barrel. I hear in a couple of states they are banning them. I belong to a couple of pellet gun groups on FaceBook and there is an uproar about it. When I retired I let my carry permit expire as there was so much hassle. Being interested in target shooting I chose to do that along with my computer graphics . Just to be safe I have my Benjamin Titan in a case with a trigger lock. When away I have a now empty gun safe.I get bent out of shape with all that's prancing across the border and now They want my pellet gun. How are things in California?
  5. I am in Massachusetts and was looking for the electrical putty. They only had two bars; so I bought them both. I used one around all my outside lights to seal out water. I made a wooden box downstairs in the cellar filled with pillows and Some Soft stuff I had. Works good. My wife loves shooting so after I get a few pellets through it she can play. Came with the generic cheapo scope which will disappear.
  6. Lots in this blog that is interesting. this is my first Benjamin Nitro. [/url]">http://'> It is powerful for what I want. I have a wooded area full of critters. I watched a hawk who was just staying still on the ground for 2 hours and it killed a bunny. they are all safe. i like target shooting but will have to wait until about 200 pellets gone through to quiet the report. Then I will use a heavier wad-cutter to bring it sub sonic and quieter as well. I tried a gun club; but they wanted $150 upfront and $150 a year. Others want you to have a firearm license which I am not interested in; I let mine run out 10 years ago. I only had it for my work and retired. Those PCP rifles are awesome. If I move south and get a lot of land that might be where I go.
  7. My nitro breaks the sound barrier and I need to use ear muffs. I need to fire plenty of pellets through it.
  8. I am in the grips of a severe winter. In my front yard under several feet of snow I see hundreds of small paw prints. I stapled wire under my large porch to keep out critters. No large prints from rats.Haven't seen any squirrels or chipmunks they must be hibernating.I cannot get to my hard plastic summer shed which has 3 feet of snow on the roof and it will be a miracle if it last after the coming blizzard Saturday.
  9. Yes I have heard that. I saw a pellet that reduces sound; but I forgot where.
  10. I bought those pellets with the BB in the middle. I won't use them as I heard a lot of bad publicity about them on forums. My Benjamin Nitro is very powerful and The lead wadcutters should work just fine.
  11. When I was in my 20's I use to go striper fishing early in the morning near Boston Lighthouse in a labstreak boat about 18 ft. Big hook, big seaworm and a bobber with line hanging down about 15-20 ft. Nowadays I would get seasick and going early in the morning those days it was usually calm; but bad weather could come at anytime.
  12. 'Plinker' I am saving your information. The scope is cheap and after I wear it in I will get a good scope.It is a nitro piston. I killed a huge rat in my woods headed towards my driveway with my feet and hedge cutters.( humanely) The sucker tried to bite me. My wife was there and she wants them dead so I have to quiet it down.
  13. I am 70 years old and it cost me online on the fish and game site $1.55 for the year. They do come poking around and catch people.I am lucky to have a stocked pond across the street.I have a Shimano rig that I bought and have yet to use. In this state blind people don't need a license or seriously handicapped. All the people across the street have boats and piers on their houses. All summer party boats travel it.
  14. I heard all the talk about banning lead. Please wash hands after shooting. I owned a gun shop and also using different Dillon re-loaders all setup I did a lot of reloading. Now I reloaded a lot of lead wad-cutters for the registry police and other organization with no failures. I worked in a ventilated area and made thousands of rounds. I did this for ten years with no ill effect; yet another dealer made them in his shop and got lead poisoning and had to quit. Just and I repeat ; wash your hands if you handle enough lead. I re-loaded everything. i had to trim a 30-30 cartridge down and made a 30 Herret bullet for my Thomson Contender.
  15. I saw one for $50 in Dicks Sporting goods. I can spend up to $125. I definitely want illumination.