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  1. thank you, it looks like a great size bi-pod for kneeling/sitting
  2. What type of bi-pod is that?
  3. I need to test the jsb exact kings that I have cause all I shot was a 5 shot group just to get an idea of how they shot and they grouped very tightly as well. I just kinda fell in love with how the barracudas shot but the jsb might be able to be better I'm not sure yet, so far it shot everything I fed it better than any air rifle ive ever shot at 50yards. After I do more testing I will let you know.
  4. Yes I'm using a leapers 4-16x44 accushot
  5. So I just got my new Syn-rod and I am shocked in how accurate it is. I am shooting quarter sized groups at 50 yards no problem with H&N barracuda 31 grain domes. I honestly believe that I can get it down to nickel sized groups because when I took it out to sight in I was resting my gun on my car door sitting inside my vehicle. All I did to my gun was clean the barrel and adjusted the barrel band making sure it was center. I'm very pleased with this gun. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention I only tested 3 types of pellets and they were all grouping well ( Polymags,Baracudas,& JSB exact Kings). So far its not being a picky gun what so ever.
  6. I'm looking to get either one in .25 cal. I'm just not sure which one is the way to go because they both look really good. If you were to buy one of these guns without any promo's or free pumps involved which one would you choose? is one better than the other? If so how?
  7. I'm thinking about saving up and buying one of these pcp's. Ive always wanted an Mrod but now I'm starting to hear good things about the hatsan. can anyone out here give me some pros and cons of both rifles. also I will be using a hand pump to fill which ever gun I buy so with that being said.. which one is easier to pump?
  8. Awesome well shoot me a txt sometime my number is 559 556 1808 my name is Thomas just let me know who you are in the text though lol
  9. Awesome! That's a nice looking gun and rabbit keep up the good work.
  10. I have a utg on my disco. It is a crystal clear scope but I've never used any hawke scopes so I can't compare the 2. I love my utg though
  11. So far I've tried jsb 18 grains and crosman domes. It loves the jsb's and it does okay with the crosmans.I want to try the jsb 15 grain ones you are talking about soon . I need to buy a bi pod myself I'm using a very unstable mono pod right now. I look forward to the pics when ever you decide to post them, I may post a few myself. Merry Christmas!
  12. Gerry is your disco stock? What type of scope do you use. Also what pellets does it like the most?
  13. What distance do you boys prefer to sight in your scopes on your pcp rifles? I usually sight mine in around 35 yards but I may shoot for 50 yards. I'm honestly more of a iron sight type of guy . I've only really been using a scope for about a year. I have a utg 3-9x50 ao scope with mildot that I'm wanting to get good with. My gun is a stock discovery 22 cal. What would you experts recommend?
  14. That's what I currently use. But I think I have 50lb test instead. I was just curious what others might use
  15. What would you people recommend to clean the bore of a discovery? Would hoppes bore cleaner work ? Is there certain cleaners out there that will harm my rifle?