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  1. What is 20-223 barrel?
  2. There is this thing called thumbhole stock, may be that will help you
  3. Thanks for the invitation, lol.
  4. Now I know what's in your mind when you're firing your rifle, you DOM.
  5. I hate these Nevada residents! no just kidding, congrats.
  6. It changes the poi, but can be adjusted with a couple of shots after you've done the load development, I saw guys shooting match with it. Now they have the rail adaptor where you can attach the bayonet to stock / /handguard, it doesn't touch the barrel at all
  7. I heard good thing about these, but I like my magnetospeed sporter
  8. I'll get drunk and sing, but Bob will have to dance...
  9. As long as they bring sushi and sashimi I am good, forget the calling and don't tell Bob
  10. 1000 sounds, may be they are making a karaoke machine
  11. Yeah, let's say it's a hot date, I have been waiting for this day for more than a year, hopefully I'll get a happy ending, and get your mind outta the gutter, it's not what you are thinking, lol
  12. Yes, match on Sunday, February 26. No, I can't make it, tired up with something else this weekend.
  13. Are you done with biking and back to shooting?
  14. come on dude, what's wrong with that? the shockwave from these speakers will kill all coyotes within 5 miles radius, then you just use the GPS to find them, you just kick back and watch fox sports while the caller is killing the coyotes, how cool is that?
  15. If you supply ammo I'll go and shoot with you