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  1. Haven’t heard anything about it. I assume it’s chinese. 250 seems kinda cheap but I could be surprised.
  2. Oesanyone know if there is an expo planned for 2018?
  3. Nice job was that shot in San Diego county?
  4. Found a great place in Rancho Cucamonga Mountian view paintball fills my pony bottle for 2 bucks.nice guys.
  5. Sounds like fun! I'll go if I can get away.
  6. 2nd Saturday of the month. Angeles is 2 weeks after that. If you go to the link in my earlier post there is a post asking if anybody is interested in night matches or more weekends at Angeles
  7. Field Target match at Heaven's Ranch on Saturday March 12th, weather permitting. This match will be for spring guns (SPRINGERS) and is a precursor to the upcoming San Luis Obispo (SLO) spring gun match. PCP's can shoot but will not be counted. As usual, set up 0630-? Practice following set up till 0850. The match will start no later than 0900 hours. Guns in .177, .20, .22 caliber not over 20 fpe, lead pellets, shooting glasses are mandatory anytime shooting is underway. Please come early and help out with set up if possible. All shooters are responsible for take down following the match. Fees: $15.00 members, $17.00 non members. Directions at url listed in my last previous post.
  8. They are a great group of guys promoting airgun competition matches in California. I joined the group last month at a match in Chino at Heavens Ranch. There were about 25 entries in several classes. I just thought if we could get some more exposure the matches will get bigger. I'm currently planning to shoot a Benjamin discovery with a utg 3-12-44 mm swat scope in .177 cal. Don't plan on winning, just having a good time hanging with other air gunners. Find out more at http://forums.delphiforums.com/casaclub/start
  9. Just found out about airgun Hunter field target matches held here in So Cal. Ran by a club here called CASA. Matches are held in Chino and LA. area monthly with practice sessions on off weeks at the Chino location. If interested PM me.
  10. Well there's no doubt you hit the rabbit when you use a 45-70 just watch for flying hare pieces.
  11. A feat like that is usually started by saying " here hold my beer"
  12. Hey maybe we should get together for a day trip out there rabbit shooting.
  13. Man you guys write some great stories. What an outing! I would post more of my hunting stories but They would bore you to death. They would go something like this. Started out driving at o dark thirty for three hours. Got out and put on my gear. Walked and hunted for 2 miles or so. Saw nothing but rocks and bushes. Ate lunch took nap and drove home. Still had a great day. The end.
  14. No lions tigers or Polar Bears either.
  15. All I had was bacon and pineapple to wrap with dove breast filets. Soaked the dove filets over nite in salt water. Took most of the blood out of the meat. Bisley is right when he says only cook till the bacon wrap in done. Delicious !!! Great recipe Bis.
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