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  1. Graystone


    Ha Tom I have been a Coast side member all most from the start. I fish mostly out of S C or Moss and have yet to fish Half Moon. If you don't fish have a beer for me and I'll try to catch a fish for you. (LOL Jim
  2. Graystone


    Who is getting ready for salmon season. I will be somewhere on Monterey bay on the fourth. Graystone on channel 11. Be safe catch fish. Jim
  3. Graystone

    New Semi-Automatic Rifle: Savage .17 HMR

    I am wanting to get some of the new ammo I have a VQ a CZ and a Tracker in 17 hmr. Hope they shoot well the faster the better.
  4. Graystone

    Santa Cruz Crab

    Put out 8 pots uphill from Santa Cruz on the 1st. Checked pots Sunday morning (2nd) with limits for 2. Lots of nice size crab. Crabbed for 8 days total before bringing the pots home. Limits for 2 or 3 each day. Great season for us this year. Crab marathon of pulling, cleaning, cooking and giving crab to friends and neighbors. After gorging on steamed crab it will now be a cooking adventure trying lots of crab recipes. Last night was artichoke crab quiche. Lunch is California sushi rolls. Tonight is broccoli/crab gratin. Tomorrow is cauliflower soup with crab. Hopefully a pepperoni pizza is somewhere in my future.
  5. Graystone

    Now I can fix it Ed

    I have carried a wire stretcher crimper and ferrules in the sami for years. And yes I hit a couple wires and if I see a broken wire I stop and fix that to.
  6. Graystone

    Modoc plan

    Hi Ed. I just got back from Reno for my granddaughters collage graduation. Leaving for Modoc at noon Monday. Pm me your phone number and I will call when we are up there. Yea Bill, built it my self. Just another one of my crazy contraptions. It lets me tow a trailer to use as a base camp and fish several lakes. I can either tow the boat or let it ride up top. Jim.
  7. Graystone

    Modoc plan

    Planning a fishing trip to Modoc. I want to check out F & C reservoirs; also Duncan and Ballard. The wife and I will be up there the 20 th through 25 th. Hope there is water in the lakes. If I get up to Alturas I'll stop in at the Brass Rail for a double scotch. I'll tell them to put it on Big Ed's tab. Thanks Ed. Jim.
  8. Graystone

    Salmon limits

    Hi Dan I fished Moss Tuesday, Wednesday for early limits and again on Saturday. My smoker has ben going non stop. Jim
  9. Graystone

    Salmon limits

    Hey Bill I launched at 4:15 sat around till 5 drinking coffee and was back and gone by 9:45. It sure wasn't crowded while I was there. I plan on fishing both Tuesday & Wednesday hope to see some of you out there Jim
  10. Graystone

    Salmon limits

    Took a break from squirrel shooting to go salmon fishing. Put the boat in at Santa Cruz at 0 dark 30 and motored down to Moss. Had our limits by 8:15. One fish for the barbeque the rest for the smoker.
  11. Graystone

    Salmon Season is around the Corner

    You got that right! Time to slow down squirrel shooting and warm up the boat. Will be launching Graystone out of Santa Cruz. Probably won't fish Saturday. Will let the chaos die down a little and go Sunday. If you're out there Sunday give me a shout on 11. Good luck everybody.
  12. Graystone


    Hi ED, congrats on the Sammy. I have an 88, love it. I tow mine to where I hunt. It's scary driving it on the freeway. If you tow it is critical that you put the transmission in second gear and the transfer case in neutral... learned this the hard way. I modified my door hinges so the doors can be removed when desired. Also installed a windshield fold down kit.
  13. Graystone

    Electric shooting bench

    Hey Bill, the bench takes care of the up /down. It's pretty cool putting the vertical cross hair on target and pushing up /down switch on the bench top to put cross on a squirrel. Now for the right / left I will give it some thought.
  14. Graystone

    Electric shooting bench

    I called and spoke to warden in the Monterey field office. He said it was ok as it cant be ridden on or in and still has to be carried at the rear and walked behind. I will go with his opinion
  15. Graystone

    Electric shooting bench

    I finally finished my ele bench. I took it to a ranch I shoot squirrels on to test it out. The bench is battery powered with a worm drive motor and a pwm variable speed controller. There is a linear actuator on the rear leg that tilts the bench up and down. Top speed is about 3.5 mph which a little fast for me and it could use a little more powder for steep terrain. All in all it worked very well. Shot for about four hours and got 109 squirrels with the 22-250. PS Finally figured out how to use Photobucket.