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    daughters first deer

    that is way awesome! I love the 2 warning shot part! lol
  2. rsouza3

    Featureless Stock Apologies

    I say go with the classics, but I do love my original m4
  3. rsouza3

    Bust Out The Cigars

  4. rsouza3

    Yeti Knock Off

    I have the rotomolded 65, the soft side 20, a few can hlders, a few big cups, and a few flasks. I'm very happy with all of them. i stuffed 2 deer into the 65 last month. It worked like a champ.
  5. rsouza3

    Missed a big buck

    I think you may have a good point!
  6. rsouza3

    Yeti Knock Off

    I just ordered the soft 20 cooler. It won't ship until 08/08/16, but I'll tell you how it works after i get it. 99 bucks and free shipping.
  7. rsouza3

    Tahoe Mackinaws

    very nice!
  8. rsouza3

    Suggestions: 12v Air compressor

    wow, that is nice!
  9. rsouza3

    New Polaris Ranger...

    I use one at work all the time. I was told by our mechanic that its a good idea to let it idle for a little while so the belt will warm up. He said it will make the belt last longer. I've broke a few belts on it. Because they seem to break in the worse places, I carry a spare and the few tools required to fix it on the trail. Congrats John!
  10. rsouza3

    Still turning

    That's some nice turning work Tom
  11. rsouza3

    Sturgeon Fishing

    Nice! any pics?
  12. rsouza3

    Lead Free Bullet Lengths

    LOL! they are if you don't want to have to go pick them up!!
  13. rsouza3

    Finally got optics on this one

    I totally agree. I just meant for the initial setup.. I use the a sled for the initial setup, but after that I shoot how I would in the real world (without a sled). It seems that sleds are hard to find when you are hunting. lol When I had to switch to non lead, It got pretty pricey for ammo. $48 bucks or so for a box of 20. OUCH
  14. rsouza3

    Finally got optics on this one

    u guys know how to do the one bullet zero right? you have to at least hit paper first, but it will save u a fortune when you have to zero in the non-lead stuff.
  15. rsouza3

    Finally got optics on this one

    pretty nice!
  16. rsouza3

    kids elk

    that is awesome!
  17. rsouza3

    Ruger Precision Rifle

    That is a pretty good looking rifle.
  18. rsouza3

    Better start buying more Lowers!

    The democraps will never give up. This is just what they do. We are doomed.
  19. rsouza3

    Loving WOA Upper And Wipe-Out

    Yup! definitely thanks again! I'm gonna have a can or two shipped to my son in Oklahoma so he can be hooked too. And I love how the can tells you to take the challenge and try it on a gun that you THINK IS CLEAN!
  20. rsouza3

    Dove Done Differently

    My sis-in-law has one of those, and she loves it too!
  21. rsouza3

    Loving WOA Upper And Wipe-Out

    I used my wipeout foam i just got and I'll never use anything else again!!!!! thx guys! that stuff is pure magic! it was the easiest gun cleaning I have ever done.
  22. rsouza3

    Some euro mounts I did.

    Wow! they look great!
  23. rsouza3

    Loving WOA Upper And Wipe-Out

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. cant wait to see what i pull out of the AR
  24. rsouza3

    Loving WOA Upper And Wipe-Out

    I just ordered 2 cans from them