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  1. IMR4007 has been discontinued )-: What powders come close ?
  2. Your inbox wont let me PM you so ill just post it here. I'm pretty new to hunting in general. I live in reno, some other member said to look for you because your in reno also. any tips to help me out? im also on reno4x4 if your on that

  3. Other posters on other forums say they'll work just fine. I'll dig the chronograph out and test them both.
  4. Mistakenly pulled a brick of Federal LPmatch primers instead of Federal LP Magnum primers off the shelf. These are for my 44 mag and 45LC burning H110. Hope these aren't to lite for these loads ?
  5. I bought one yesterday,and shot it today . That gun is awesome +1 Very accurate and performed flawlessly .
  6. Dang I think I just paid too much for my gun. Yes I'll do that with photo bucket.
  7. Yes it is ! On rimfire central they're raving at how accurate they are. I was going to buy a Ruger MK3 but this felt so mush better for a $150 bucks less ...... Hey John how do i resize a photo to post on here ? Just looked up a Mod 41 John now those look awesome. How long have you had yours ?
  8. Well you all know I defected from CA couple years back. Been thinking of getting a 22 semi auto pistol ( Never had one ) Walked in a few NV gun shops today and they were all crowded with folks. The racks were full of AR-15s from every maker out there. 3rd gun shop I went to I saw a S&W 22a for $309 bucks and a Ruger MK3 SS Target for $459 . Dang that Smith feels better. So guess what ? That smith is unloaded and in my gun safe now !
  9. Drove up near Gerlach last week to Umpire Farms road. 3 minutes into the call a big dog ran into my field of fire,he attempted to run out. He didn't sucseed
  10. They're a $1,000 bucks + I think the guy said a $200 dollar federal license per item and gun specific .They were cool and all just too much $$$$$$$$
  11. 15-20 minute drive to shoot all I want. As far as varmints rabits are very fast and have tons of cover. Next to no squirrels in my area. Coyotes are educated with in an hour of town. But I have shot a couple. I didn't kniow cebelas sold tracers ?
  12. Even though I can pick where I want to shoot any given day I still like going to the rifle range to meet people and check out each others gear. Last Saturday there were a few shooter with suppressors on their rifles. 338 Lupua another a 300 mag and another a 308,another a AR-15 in 204 man they were sweet .Guys said price for one was a $1000 + a $200 dollar permit from Feds per rifle. I think I'll stick with ear muffs.
  13. Ok were the 3rd rock ,but what about Frenchmen's lake ? Has any one caught any trout or piranha's there ? I'm trying to get back into fishing and I made three trips there and didn't catch any ? But pictures on Bait store show people limiting out often. Any it is an awesome place nestled in the sierra's
  14. Mars is the third planet from the sun.
  15. Any one here fish Frenchmens Lake in Plumas National forest. Its north of Chilcoot which is off HWY 70 from HWY 395 25 miles North of Reno NV . Nevada is the 36th state of the union meaning USA located in the western himispere on Planet earth 4th planet from the sun.
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