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    All hunting, shooting, reloading, good eatin, US military, baseball, USC football, wife and kids, and Sanctuary Church.

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  1. 2daschunds

    Handgun Clones

    I love real glocks and 1911's, no clones for me.
  2. 2daschunds

    Shot Show 2017 Interview with Tom Miranda

    Fantastic and inspiring as a bow hunter, I have always enjoyed watching his hunts and you can learn a lot as well.
  3. 2daschunds

    Another Stupid Law Option

    That price is steep, and these laws just keep making me more upset and hinder my desire to take my sporting rifles out to play. I will go with the resurgent arms grip when it becomes available and change out my flash hider to a muzzle break on my predator rifle, but that is it. I can put up with it for 3-4 more years before I live in a free state.
  4. 2daschunds

    6.5 Grendel and 5.56 ARs

    You crack me up with these analogies, thank you. I cannot give into registration or featureless, but I also have an exit plan to Arizona in 4 years. I hope the majority of black rifle that plan on registering (giving into the cancer in Sac Town) will wait until the end of the year. Those rifles looked dang sweet in their original form, such a shame. Time to go find a porcupine
  5. 2daschunds

    Binocular decisions

    I bought the Sig Kilo 1250 rangefinder for $230, I don't have a need for the capacity of the 2000 model, plus it would be a $150 more. I need to drop a lot more money on binoculars, so I will be very content with the 1250's.
  6. 2daschunds

    Binocular decisions

    I will check that out. Do you have any experience with the viper or razor binos?
  7. 2daschunds

    Binocular decisions

    A friend of mine has razors and he compared them to his buddies vipers while they were glassing on a deer hunt this season, and he told me he could not see a difference optically between his razors and the vipers. If the low light optical capability of the vipers brings out these well camouflaged mule deer, than I would not feel the need for razors. I'm going to be checking them out "hands on" this month. I'm also going to be buying the vortex rangefinder before next season, and I can get the vipers and a rangefinder for less than a set of razors. Decisions, decisions..
  8. Anyone who has swarovski binos or the Vortex Razors, please give me your feedback. I have been using my 8x42 Nikon Monarchs for about 7 years because it was all I could afford at the time, but now I'm going to bump up to 10x42. I am prepared to spend up to $1500 on new Swaro SLC HD if I need to, or around $1000 for the Razors. I'm tired of not seeing deer and missing out on opportunities because my Nikons have poor clarity, especially in low light. If I don't see deer on the move in the morning, I can't see them at all once they bed down, unless I'm right on top of them. I know I am hunting in areas where there are shooter bucks because I hear about friends and other hunters filling their tags in the same areas. Please give me your thoughts as I prepare to make a purchase for next year.
  9. 2daschunds

    Cold Bore Shot

    I wish I had the money to get into long range, but it is still years down the road. Video was very cool, and in big part to the drone.
  10. 2daschunds


    You should love shooting the 30, I love mine & it is the SF. They are just a heavy brick to use as a carry gun, but having 10 .45 pills to use in one mag is great.
  11. 2daschunds

    Lead Free Ammo Regulations for 2015?

    Only specific CDFW fields or areas are lead free, not all of them. I had to read that twice to make sure, so most of upland game areas are still good for lead this year.
  12. 2daschunds

    Spotting Scopes

    I use the shoot-n-see targets for rifle, & that helps a lot. But, I don't have a good spotting scope right now, just a old cheap one from my grandpa. I will be buying steel soon as soon as I can.
  13. 2daschunds


    Exactly what chuck said, building it is custom so you will usually spend more, but its the way you want it instead of buying one that you know you will changing and wasting money that way. I built both of mine and am glad I did, but it depends on what you want.
  14. 2daschunds

    1st legal stripers

    good size fish, I remember thinking they were huge when I was a kid.
  15. 2daschunds

    Proposed non-lead ammo timeline

    I don't plan on complying, I will hunt out of state & be very selective on where I hunt here. With the definite decrease in funds to the state & DFW budget, there will be even less wardens to enforce it statewide.