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  1. yea i'm in the zone. but i'm barnes free . glad to here you can group'em nvscouter. i'll stick with vmax i like ther disruptive behavar.
  2. problem is most the people we shoot at don't give a damn bout there wounded
  3. nvscouter send me a pm w/your address i'll eventually get them to you if your serious?
  4. i've got abox 250 count miss'n afew with my test that are just collecting dust now. their dog poop. anybody want them close by can have em. me thinks bout all there good for is maybe condors ????
  5. if i could've posted sooner--- you forgotto take confidence with you to the match. thats the most important. ooorah!
  6. favs gottta be my gelds
  7. well could not wait. just put the dep down on a 12 ss fluted vlp. and a 12 fv. in 223 pics to follow 10 days after this sat. they ought to look real nice along side the mod 700. i'll be ready for a real bloody saturday on the 31st. so slyoteboy please chase some of those yote across the river and up long valley, where i'll be wait'n cause my callin really sucks
  8. as it stands can't talk one bud into anything more than the stevens?? well with that and then we're looking at two12 vlp ss fluted .but april is a looong ways away,specially if the misses catches wind of my plans..
  9. gonna buy two 223's in april one for my buddy and i just happen to have a son that doesn't have one yet well they get to use them , they can have e'm all when i'm in the sweet by & by. any ways thinkin of the sav. 12 vlp ss for my self*&%$# i meen my son. my question is what do you think the best bang for the buck is at least under $1000. i appriciate any and all advice. and ps shooter john you ever tweak those grenades. [ barnes]?
  10. gbought my son a 30-06 savage last nov. i like the acu trigger. not as nice as my jewell on the 223 @ 4oz.but impressive. sorry bout the sad report on the grenades, but i did not vaporize one squrrel. performed more like thespeer tnt. well hopefully tomorrow will getr to do it again
  11. well lets all don't get to excited bout those grenades. after 86 confirmed kills, i'll stick with v-max. the barnes did ok but v-max rules!.sj i think my rem is 1 in 12. gonna buy another 223 real soon. i'm dumb. but look'n @ savage so talkto me. hopefully the suns gonna cum out tomorrow, will doer agin
  12. win 748 28.5 and tapp'n. didn't have a lot of time to work withit. also herd ya'll talkin bout those 40gr. v-max. so i loaded some of them also. i've always shot the 55gr. got a rem 700. with a 6.5by20by 44nikon.
  13. gonna try them tomorrow on mr squirrel. then i'll know. also tak'n a dog poop load of v-max!
  14. well i still gotta try them in the field. witch will be sat. on a very large pr. ranch. before i give up on them. a can full of water is one thing, but guts! we'll see?
  15. got my grenades today. didn't have too much time to work up a load this eve. but got them to group good. on the left is what the alum bottles used to look like. the two in the middle are from 55gr. v-max at 200yds. the one on the right is 36gr grenade @ 100yds. the real test will be this weekend if i get all those honey do's done