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  1. Thanks again Brant. .
  2. thanks for the input guys....been reading alot of reviews and the muddy 360 bench seems like the best fit for me being small in stature, 39lbs compared to 65lbs of the Caldwell ....weight is a big factor for me getting it from the shed in the backyard to the truck (1 car garage is full :0) and reviews claim the muddy is plenty stable I will not use the provided gun rest and just use bags or sled
  3. Yea, I'm thinking about hitting az in august for prairie dog. . Interesting, I have a fold up table and chair with bags but thought the swivel table would be better. ..
  4. Yea...will only be used a few times a year.. Not sure what you mean by haul it around.....but probably not carry it around too far The one you have is that like the rogers one for $99
  5. Anyone have this shooting bench..? Or what bench is a good one, I've seen some Caldwells for over $200, but would like to stay in the $100-$150 range if possible. ...unless the Caldwell is that much better....give me your expert opinions... Rogers has this one on sale.. $99
  6. Factory remanufactured northern hills. 223 55 grain vmax... $165 for 500 rounds
  7. great site, thanks
  8. looking for a cheap game cam to put out on public land for deer season that will get me some pics, but if it gets stolen i wont be out a ton of money, but dont want so cheap that they dont work well either...
  9. Nice big cat...
  10. great idea thanks..
  11. very nice job....I have been wanting to tackle this but the last yote i got was full of fleas and didn't want fleas in my jeep cherokee any advice for defleaing...i know raid might work but may gag me on the ride home, might just have to get a hitch mounted box for what i bring home
  12. Nice Bird...good job
  13. bought my wife a marlin 795 last night at Bass Pro, they tell people not to use their ss# on application
  14. it looks like i should have picked up 2, now my wife wants one...Looks like i will have to take her to Bass Pro for Mothers Can you tell im excited to get the Family into shooting... :yahoo: Both will be taking the Hunters Safety course just for the Experiance..