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  1. I have made a decision to make a purchase of a FoxPro E-caller. All Predators Calls is where I will purchase from. My dilemma is choosing the one that best suites me. I hunt the local San Diego areas for a variety of species. I like the Shockwave $599, Fusion $499, Crossfire $399 and noticed a Prairie Blaster II RECONDITIONED for $499 I am not married to any of these callers but found that I like the options they have. I'm looking for the loudest, best remote, additional speaker options (if I choose to add an additional one in the future), and finally the accessories. The accessories is the remote operated decoy. I am calling out to the club brothers for help. I have waited over a year to finally come to this point. The RECONDITIONED Prairie Blaster...has the TX 5000 remote which I understand is one of the best Here's the deal guys/gals...Every time I go to FoxPro or All Predators Club website, I find that there are others I like as well for less $$. Please help, because I want to make this a wise decision, as I got permission from the wife and don't want to make a mistake!!


    I have talked to a local sheriff in the area your describing, he did tell me that the area of interest is private land. I know this because I was there and he had a chat with me!! Good luck on finding local hunting land, seems to be fewer and farther between these days.

    Winchester ranger model 140 12 ga. 2 3/4" cham

    This just may work. I figured someone had a solution. I must admit though I have seen these and almost purchased one a while back but figured there must be a swivel tube cap that would work for my shotgun. True2ThySelf & Bisley thanks for the sling info and will probably go this route if all else fails. Apprecaite it
  4. I have been wanting to put a sling on my old Winchester Ranger model 140 12 gauge 2 3/4" semiauto for some time now. I have purchased some magazine caps from suppliers but the threads have never been correct and don't want to cross thread either. I was told that the cap needs to be correct to exit gases. So I thought I would bring this up on the forum and see if anyone can assist. This was my fathers and I aquired it when he passed and I use it for pheasant and turkey. I really like the performance of the gun but hate lugging it around w/o a sling. I have not brought it to a gunsmith yet and I will after I read some of the replies from you all. Any information would be helpful and if I can give any more info on the gun just ask. Thanks and I await patiently.

    10/22 ULTRA quiet build!


    Waiting on new toy.

    Thumper Dunker- What is the manufacture or phone number of this recurve bow. I've been interested in getting a bow. Looks like if I'm going to spend a few hundred dollars on good quality I may want to get a custom unit for myself too. I will ask the majority here a question...Is there great differences between compound and recurve bows. I personally would like to get a crossbow and have wanted one for sometime, however I can be persuaded into something more universal for Turkey, Coyote, Hog and other smaller game species. I look forward to some great feedback from the community GOTTHEFEVER