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  1. thanx crazyhorse.... looks like im free and clear... im in san bernardino county... did some research and california doesnt classify air guns / cross bows as fire arms ...... now the delema of picking out my first air rifle... hmmm .. break barrel maybe ? or pcp ? thanx cbr400r....didnt know that... will look into it.. studay and take it from there ..... appreciate all the info
  2. thank you karl thank you havoc.... i was doing alot of research... and looks like you are right.... appreciate the input... i will look up the regs and get a hunting license soon... and get a rifle ... thanx again... happy hunting
  3. i am a felon.. got into alot of trouble years ago .. havent been in trouble since. was never on parole. discharged my number behind the walls. did all my time. paid my debt to society and still am today. but thats ok. i made a bad choice and i admit its my own fault. dont blame anyone.. it is what it is... so as a felon i can not own or have in my possession or discharge any type of firearm ... my first question is as a felon can i own and operate an air rifle , bb gun etc.. but mainly a high power air rifle , cross bow ? my second question is if i can own and operate have an air rifle and or cross bow , can i obtain a hunting license ? my third question is if i can do all of thee above , where may i acquire a hunting license and what would the cost be ? i am just looking for a hobby.. legal of course.. maybe go hunting cotton tail, jack rabbits etc .... take my daughter along and have a good time.. teach her proper handling of a weapon as well as safety... i appreciate any feed back.. thank you
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