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  1. Diver, I had to get one too because of a muscle problem. I have a TenPoint Titan HLX. I did lots of research before I decided on this one (I bought it last year) and don't regret it one bit. it was relatively inexpensive. Out of the box it was very accurate and the scope only needed a slight windage adjustment to be dead on. Stephen
  2. That looks great! I was thinking of looking for a Ballistics calculator for my iPhone but got sidetracked when one of my hunting buddies bought a GSeven BR2. I'll have to look at this app some more. it has to cost less than the BR2! LOL
  3. Congrats! That looks really good. I really like it's facial expression.
  4. Very nice, Tom! did you get that in CA?
  5. I haven't used a treestand (I'd probably fall) but have used blinds. They were great when it was raining outside but get hot if it's warm. If you can, set the blind up a few weeks ahead of time so that the game get's used to it. It's such a rush when game walks next to you. The only bad thing is that it can be difficult to determine the direction sounds are coming from. We had a turkey gobling just out of sight down the hill to the left and in front of us and both of us thought it was next to the blind.
  6. Crossbows do have good power but they are not quiet even with limb and string silencers. One of my hunting buddies shoots a 70lb compound and it's a little quieter than my crossbow. He's also very accurate. It's all about the shooter. He practices often and it shows. If you want quiet, try a compound between 40 and 50 lbs with string and limb silencers.
  7. I bagged a couple turkeys with my TenPoint Titan HLX (175lb, 20" arrows). One (at about 15yds) while using a G5 Montec 100gr (not the CS) broadhead and the other using 100gr Muzzy Phantoms at about 20 yds. In both cases, the arrow went through the bird but the Muzzy had a quicker kill. Comparing the two broadheads, the Muzzy is a little wider but only has two main blades with two bleaders. the Montec is a three blade and is easier to sharpen Everyone misses on occassion and after misses with both, the Muzzy's seemed in better condition. In both cases, though, it only took one shot to bag the bird. Neither broadhead is a mechanical and I was going to change all my broadheads to the Muzzys when a buddy of mine suggested using Schwackers. I'll try those next.