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  1. HD Rider

    Well, Happy Birthday to me

    I've looked at that very rifle many times while visiting that counter. You are a lucky guy and I'm sure you will be putting it to good use.
  2. HD Rider

    .17 hmr

    I got a couple boxes of CCI 17 grain recently and found its point of impact was 2 to 3 inches lower than the Hornady and not as good of a grouping. I only shot 5 rounds and decides that those two boxes would go to plinking duty with in my 17 hmr revolver.
  3. HD Rider

    .17 hmr

    I've found the Hornady 17 grain to be the best in my Savage and Ruger. Groups may also improve with a couple hundred rounds through the barrel. I've sighted in at 100 yards and do not notice flyers like you describe. I get some but not that bad.
  4. HD Rider

    New rifle

    Thanks Bob, that short jacket bullet looks very interesting. Is the tip too pointed to load a few into the tube mag? From the pic thr tip doesn't look much different from the tip on the factory round nose soft points I have been shooting for years. On second thought, Maybe it is a little narrower at the tip.
  5. HD Rider

    New rifle

    Bob, which brand bullet do you recommend in these light weights? Can you share load info too? I haven't loaded any 30-30 yet but have been saving the brass as I shoot it. Would like to try it out sometime in the future.
  6. HD Rider

    Stumpy meadows

    That's good to know, such a nice area. It's been many years since I've been there.
  7. HD Rider

    Stumpy meadows

    Tom, what does the area look like now? I thought the area burned burned last year (or year before)? Wondered what it's like now?
  8. HD Rider

    Daddy ordered a new one

    Very nice looking ATV Tom. Looks like you're in for some fun.
  9. HD Rider

    Daddy ordered a new one

    We need some pics once you get it home.
  10. HD Rider

    Help me pick a shooting bench

    Outside dimension is 2 inch and inside appears to be 1 15/16th inch. I used a tape measure to measure. (Must be pretty thin square tubing). I can't get into the square tube to measure inside deminsions as its all sealed. I got the measurement by measuring the deminsions of the round tube that extends into, and is tacked in place, inside to square tube (if that makes since). I think 5 additional inches in height would be good. What were you thinking?
  11. HD Rider

    Help me pick a shooting bench

    Bob, Here are some pics of the shooting bench. The last pic is of it separated into two parts, the only two parts it separates into. AS you can see the seat post is attached to the upright that holds the table. The joining point is below the seat post so it wouldn't do any good to raise it below this point. That would only raise the seat not the distance from the seat to the table top. I guess it would have to be cut above this point, above the seat post pin and below table top supports, and have another section of square tubing welded in.
  12. HD Rider

    Featureless Stock Apologies

    Oh, my eyes!!!
  13. HD Rider

    Help me pick a shooting bench

    I have one like the Rogers one you listed. I find that it could use more table depth if using a front rest. I have to set up at an angle if I want to use a rear bag, placing the rear bag on the right corner to have enough room. I would also like the table to be taller from the seat height, finding that my back gets pretty sore from hunching over for a long period while locating targets through the scope. I have thought about adding a section of tubing to the main post but not really sure how or have the equip to do it. I've considered getting a Caldwell Stable Table as it looks to have a longer table top (greater table depth), but don't think the table height would be any different from the one I have. I put together a plywood platform, about 6 inches high, 12inches wide that I stack on top of my shooting table. This seems to be a more comfortable height for me but it's more stuff to carry with you and isn't very light. I made it so it extends a few inches past the front edge of the table top (don't remember how long) so I have more room for the front rest and rear bag too. It works but would be nice to not have to need it.
  14. HD Rider

    Need help reloading tray

    Bar-B-Que at Bobs.
  15. HD Rider

    Pulling projectiles and reloading

    Alrighty then, more stuff to buy. Looks like it might cost less than the shipping cost. Will just have to find something else to add to the order, I guess. Thanks for the guidance.