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  1. I'm warming up to this scale and dispenser. Have you been really happy with it? Where did you purchase it?
  2. That May be what happened. Oddly though, my charge master is being much more accurate as well. Maybe my curse was lifted.
  3. Those are both very nice setups but kind of out of my price range. I was hoping there was something of similar quality to the Gempro with a Gempro price. Maybe that's why the Gempro's have all been discontinued. My Gempro has started working again, appears to have just needed a couple days of time off. I had put it back in its case for a few days but thought I'd check it again before packing it up to send off for warranty repair. Working great again. I would still like to find another similarity priced unit though.
  4. I have a chargemaster 1500 combo dispenser - scale but find it over or under throws often. I was using the gempro to fine tune the throws for precision rifle use. I may be being too picky with the powder weights but that's the way I was taught to reload so just don't feel like I can trust the chargemaster by itself. I would like to get a recommendation for a digital scale that can distinguish to the hundredth of a grain ( meaning 0.00 grain ) like the gempro 250 did.
  5. My GemPro 250 appears to have gotten wacky so its time for a new digital scale for reloading. Anyone have recommendations on what to get?
  6. Airgun Expo is finally here this weekend, in Placerville. Anyone going?
  7. That's a very nice rifle. Looking forward to your future posts on it.
  8. Now that is quite a rifle. I think I'd need to bring along some friends to help me carry it to the bench.
  9. I've looked at that very rifle many times while visiting that counter. You are a lucky guy and I'm sure you will be putting it to good use.
  10. HD Rider

    .17 hmr

    I got a couple boxes of CCI 17 grain recently and found its point of impact was 2 to 3 inches lower than the Hornady and not as good of a grouping. I only shot 5 rounds and decides that those two boxes would go to plinking duty with in my 17 hmr revolver.
  11. HD Rider

    .17 hmr

    I've found the Hornady 17 grain to be the best in my Savage and Ruger. Groups may also improve with a couple hundred rounds through the barrel. I've sighted in at 100 yards and do not notice flyers like you describe. I get some but not that bad.
  12. HD Rider

    New rifle

    Thanks Bob, that short jacket bullet looks very interesting. Is the tip too pointed to load a few into the tube mag? From the pic thr tip doesn't look much different from the tip on the factory round nose soft points I have been shooting for years. On second thought, Maybe it is a little narrower at the tip.
  13. HD Rider

    New rifle

    Bob, which brand bullet do you recommend in these light weights? Can you share load info too? I haven't loaded any 30-30 yet but have been saving the brass as I shoot it. Would like to try it out sometime in the future.
  14. That's good to know, such a nice area. It's been many years since I've been there.
  15. Tom, what does the area look like now? I thought the area burned burned last year (or year before)? Wondered what it's like now?
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