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  1. Desert Fox

    And so it began

    That's what I have on this rifle. It's the 4X24 with Impact 23 Reticle.
  2. Desert Fox

    Lab Radar

    I'm experimenting using 87 grain V-Max with my 6BR. I thought 8 twist will be too fast for this bullet but turned out I was wrong. It's a tad slower than my 6MM Remington load but with 32.5 grain of Varget, the bullet will do 3075 fps. I think I can easily get another 50 to 75 fps more with careful hand loading.
  3. Desert Fox

    Lab Radar

    Well, I went to the range this morning to do some shooting and at the same time, test the new Lab Radar. It was still dark when I got to the range and was bit foggy. The temperature hovered around 40 degrees. In this condition, my old Pact would be useless since there was not enough light for the optical sensor to function. Not so with Lab Radar. All I did was line the radar to the target and start shooting. This thing work like a charm and worth every penny. I was shooting my 6 BR and 6.5-47 Lapua. I heard from some Lab Radar owner experiencing error when Chronographing smaller caliber cartridge. I didn't have that problem with mine. I really like this chronograph. Here's picture from this morning shoot.
  4. Desert Fox

    Lab Radar

    Glad to hear that John. No more back and forth in front of the rifle trying to line up the optical sensor and sky screen.. This Lab Radar is so user friendly and easy to set up. It can track bullet and record velocity drop up to 100 yards which is very useful when tweaking your bullet BC.
  5. Desert Fox

    Lab Radar

    Time to retire my Pact Professional Chronograph. It served me well but the technology is now obsolete. I will test this bad boy this weekend and compare the reading with my old Pact.
  6. Desert Fox

    7MM Practical (7MM-300 Win Mag)

    I don't know who he is Rob. Does he shoot at the Desert Marksman. I haven't been there in a while.
  7. I will be getting my new rifle in the next couple of weeks and it's time to start developing load for it. I can't wait to try these two javelins and see which one will work best. The 300 Winchester Magnum case has a volume of 4 grain more than the 7MM Remington Magnum. I expect velocity in the 2800-2900 range. I'm so excited with this new build.
  8. Desert Fox

    And so it began

    This will be my new hunting rifle.
  9. Desert Fox

    And so it began

    Finally got the action. I decided on 7MM Practical. It's basically a 300 Winchester Magnum necked down to 7MM with a 30 degree shoulder. Hoping to shoot the Berger 195 EOL at 2900 fps. URL=http://s30.photobucket.com/user/silay57/media/IMG_2829_zps2jvx1pne.jpg.html][/URL]
  10. Desert Fox

    Leupold VX6-HD 4X24X52 CDS - L2

    John, it comes with Alumina cover, a throw lever for the power selector, and 1 complementary CDS Dial from Leupold.
  11. Just got this scope for my 7MM Practical Long Range Hunter. I will do a thorough review once the smith finished my rifle.
  12. Desert Fox

    New coyote rifle

  13. Desert Fox

    New coyote rifle

    Beautiful stock. You should pillar bed it and free float the barrel. It might tighten your grouping.
  14. Desert Fox

    New coyote rifle

    What have you done to the rifle. Have you done any bedding job. You alluded about swapping stock . Which stock was that. Factory Remington plastic stock are garbage. Normally 243 has 10 twist barrel to shoot 100 grain bullet. That might be too fast for the 55 grain or even 68 grain bullet. Try the 87 grainer and see if that works.
  15. Desert Fox

    300 Grain Berger Hybrid OTM Tactical at 2000 yards

    This was my longest confirmed hit from my 338 Lapua Ackley Improved. The rifle is zeroed at 200 yards. Dialed 20.3 Mil-Rad (69.6 MOA) to hit the target at 2,000 yards. Hit it twice, one each for two 3 shot group. The barrel on this rifle is probably on it's last leg. I have a 30" - 9twist Pac-Nor coming in. I will have it chambered with the same reamer and I will start using nothing but machined solid bullet for this rifle.