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  1. Almost too pretty to shoot John.
  2. Got it painted and ready for the next shooting session.
  3. I will try with 338 Lapua next time and see how it does. The guy who sold it told me that it will take the 338 round at 500 yards. This is what my 338 does to a 3/4" mild steel at 500 yards.
  4. I thought you're out of town.
  5. My wife bought me my first AR500 Steel target at a Gun Show in Nevada. It is a 12 inch gong with a 5 inch cut-out. Tried it last night at the 500 meter range at West End with my shooting buddy. I was worried that his 7MM Remington Magnum might damage the gong. But the worry was unfounded. The gong took it like a champ. Anyway, we set it at 500 meters, lighted by a flood light powered by my cheapo Chicom generator Halfway thru, the generator quit working. We continued shooting using my friend LED flashlight. We didn't got out of the range until 9:30 PM. The 6.5-47 Lapua still shoots really well. My first two shot landed outside of the 5 inch center hole. After slight aim adjustment, I was able to place 3 shot at the center. My buddy 7MM RM, and 308 shoots extremely well also. His 7 made a 2 inch, 3 shot group slightly right on 5 inch opening. He tried his 308 and all shot connected but landed outside of the center. Man I was so tired by the time I put things away. Almost didn't make it to work this morning.
  6. Bought my wife a revolver for her CCW. Since we're also both resident of Nevada, we were able to buy the gun without waiting period. We were at the gun show last Saturday and we only waited 15 minutes for background check and we walk out with the gun. I also signed us up to a lifetime membership at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for unlimited fire arms training.
  7. The problem with magneto is it's hanging on your barrel. What do you think it does to your barrel harmonics.
  8. All prices includes shipping to the lower 48. Most are used but in good shape unless noted. Multiple site listing. Half of the sale proceeds purchased from this site will be donated to CPC.1. Hornady 22-250 Custom Grade Dies $25.002. Vintage Lyman De Luxe 243 - 3 die set. $30.003. RCBS 338 Win Neck Die Set $25.004. Redding 300 Weatherby Competition Bullet Seater Die $85.005. Lee Collet Die Set 300 Weatherby $25.006. Old RCBS 257 Improved Die SOLD7. Redding Neck Die 222 Remington $25.008. Lyman Neck Die 308 $20.009. Redding Neck Die 280 Remington $20.0010. Wilson Neck Die 300 Win Mag $40.0011. Tuned Remington Trigger with safety $50.0012. Tuned Remington Trigger W/O safety $30.0013. Timmy De Luxe Mauser Trigger $75.0014. Warne 30MM Rings High Matte Finish $55.0015. Old RCBS Bench primer $25.0016. RCBS 44 Magnum 3 Die Set $25.0017. RCBS 9MM 3 Die Set $25.0018. Redding Steel Bushing .332 New $12.0019. Redding Steel Bushing .333 New $12.0020. AI 10 Round Magazine 223 $40.0021. Thompson Contender Pistol Handle SOLD22. Leupold MK IV medium steel rings lapped $120.0023. Browning A-Bolt EGW 20 MOA Picatinny base new $30.00
  9. Anybody got one of these yet. I'm thinking it's time to replace my PACT Professional
  10. I heard about HBN John but haven't tried them yet.
  11. You have a hot date? It's about time.
  12. Not really. Is there a competition this Sunday. Are you going?
  13. Is anyone still doing this. I know it went out of style from a few years ago. I just coated 250 rounds of Hornady A-Max 105.
  14. Finally got a chance to make it to the range during last week break in the weather. My 4Runner was able to make it on the other side of the creek but gotten a flat on the way out. But hey I was able to shoot my 6 Dasher finally. Nothing spectacular, just doing fire forming brass for now and learning how to shoot pre-recoil. This is just a glimpse of what this rifle can do. Now that I found a load, the next trip to the range will be different. I think this rifle will shoot better at long range.
  15. John, after all of the sorting and brass prepping, the weighing of powder to the last kernel, measuring bullet seating depth and bullet run out; What was there is left to do but measuring the case neck hold on the bullet. I think this will explain those occasional flyer that ruined an otherwise good group.