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  1. nice! so whats the story behind this one?
  2. not sure on the firestorm, but i just recently got my wildfire and love it! good sounds quality, unit seems solid and well built, easy to use, my only complaint is that the speaker could have been a little louder, but i guess this could be corrected with the foxpro external sp-55 speaker. from what i know the firestorm is a step higher than what i have and have heard great things about it. Keep us posted and let us know when you bag something with your new call!
  3. im kind of confused though, i thought the tx9 could only cary 35 sounds at a time, but i just loaded more to my wildfire and its letting me play them all on the tx9 i have 40 calls loaded on there.
  4. Just got my foxpro wildfire today. So far i like it allot, the sounds quality is really crisp, easy to use, controller is nice and also has foxbang, unit is small and compact. I think the cons of this e call is that the volume is just simply not loud enough, especially on a windy hunt, i think they made it this way so you almost have to order theyre external speaker, other than that no complanits, ill be taking it out soon to see how it does and keep you guys posted.
  5. i noticed there is a wildfire I and a wildfire II. Does anyone know what the difference is?
  6. i think im gonna go with the wildfire, i just dont want to take the risk of buying the alpha dogg considering its fairly new still, and have already heard allot of bad things about it, also im not really interested in 8 battereys to run my e call lol. does anyone know if the wildfire comes with hunting sequences already or are you able to make your own?
  7. u stated some very interesting things. It seems like the more reviews i read, the more confused i get LOL! Some people have said that they were able to use the alpha for over 15 stands of about 20 minutes a piece on the same batterys, while others have said it has a very poor batter life, im guessing battery quality may have something to do with this? Also i have heard the foxpro has poor battery life, but that isnt a very big issue considering it only needs 4 batterys. The only two things holding me back from getting the spitfire or wildfire is that i have heard the speaker isnt loud enough for windy hunting, remote issues, and drastic sound level from 4 to 5. I like allot of the features on the alpha dogg, but it is a fairly new product, and i have heard bad things about some of primos previous e callers. Its a tough decision, just dont want to regret my choice after forking out the $$ lol.
  8. i finally decided im not 100% content with the sounds quality of my home made e caller, it has worked awesome for the price but im gonna go ahead and step it up a notch. I have read great reviews about both the foxpro spitfire or wildfire, and the primos alpha dogg. Before i make up my mind id like to get some of your opinions on the two calls, and which you think is better. theyre both around the same price but i want to buy the one with best sound quality, longest battery life, and good customer service.
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