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  1. Works very well, love mine.
  2. What year was his Bronco and what type of problems did he have with it?
  3. Have you looked into the original Ford Broncos? 1966-1977. Not cheap either, but there are lots of parts available for them. I've had a 1977 for about 20 years and its a great hunting rig.
  4. Ah, the 358 Win. Just had my build completed and am ready for load development. This will be a dedicated pig/black bear thumper. Can't wait to take it out.Rem. 700 action, blueprinted/squared23" Schneider stainless barrel, chamber cut, barrel crowned/installed on action by Hill Country Rifles.HS Precision synthetic stock.
  5. Never heard of this. What is the "power factor" as it relates to hunting big game? §353. Methods Authorized for Taking Big Game. •(a) Except for the provisions of subsections 353( through (h), Title 14, CCR, big game (as defined by Section 350, Title 14, CCR) may only be taken by rifles using centerfire cartridges with softnose or expanding projectiles; bow and arrow (see Section 354, Title 14, CCR, for archery equipment regulations); or wheellock, matchlock, flintlock or percussion type, including "in-line" muzzleloading rifles using black powder or equivalent black powder substitute, inclu
  6. 4RHUNTS


    Been using it for years and wont use anything else. A little goes a long way.
  7. The 270 WSM is a SMALLER CALIBER than your 7mm-08. It has a bigger case, more powder=more velocity, more impact energy.
  8. They should really ban the owners of the trigger fingers that are in the trigger guard when drawing/reholstering. I also consider them negligent discharges rather than accidental discharges because it is more negligent than an accident to have your trigger finger on the trigger, or inside the trigger guard when drawing/reholstering.
  9. You should check out the Marlin 308 and 338 Express calibers. I own on in 308 express and it is a shooter!
  10. Then why not just go to the "tried and true" Leupold scope? Why experiment with others? I have many Leupolds and have never had a problem with any of them. It is the only scope I'll buy due to the quality and warranty, if I ever need it.
  11. Since this rifle is sooo light I am guessing the recoil is pretty stout not only to the shooter but those "lower end" scopes too. I believe you have correctly realized you need to put some decent glass on it and go from there.
  12. Yes sireeee, it does get kinda deep here at times.....
  13. Would this really be worth it? If your carrying non-lead ammo in a spare magazine, why not just hunt with it and stay legal instead of swapping it out and risk a citation? Crap is too expensive to buy/reload and then not use it. Really makes no sense.
  14. The Laser Cast come lubed in the groove...ready to go.
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