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  1. That's a beauty, Congratulations on your new toy
  2. I wouldn't mind if my President would make me eat pizza and drink beer...
  3. I wonder if you use a sand crab of that size would he end up eating the fish...
  4. those are some watering mouth looking ribs. Love the locomotive set up you go there, I have an old drum that i know would make a great grill.
  5. My Dad has a 96 Astro van with the AWD option. too bad I never got to try it out. he was told that he would save more gas if it switch it to 2wd and he did .... I have allways wonder about a van. when I was growing up he(my dad) owned a 80 dodge van that he took everywhere can't remember if it was AWD or not.
  6. Well this weekend I stopped by the Big5. I wanted to feel the Shotgun and found out that it was not a Mossberg the one they're giving me it was a Maverick.(wish is part of the Mossberg family but don't have much faight on it) The truth I had plan on taking the advice of some of you guys and wait and try it out before I spend my hard earn money on something I might end up not liking. But I wanted to feel it. what a waste of time. oh well but I did ended up buying a Mossberg found me a used(basically new since they said they couldn't proof that it had not been shot that's why they advertise it as used) http://www.galleryofguns.com/genie/Default.aspx?item=56420 I comes with a 28" barrel and a 22" for turkey. I'm very happy specially cause I'm saving the other 200$ i was planing on spend and put it towards my next gun. Bisley I'm gonna take your word for it and go with you up to Cajon Pass. I just gotta get permission from the wife
  7. I think you're right sxshooter. I just thought it was a really good price. I'll be checking out some auctions and gun shows I might get lucky and find me a treasure.
  8. Thanks Bisley, I been looking for more info on the shotgun on google. There is alot of talk about the Silver O/U but I don't believe this particular shotgun is a silver line.
  9. OH Bullseye you making me hungry. My wife makes the best Birria ever but never thought about making it out of jack. You just gave me a good idea. A coworker that's original from Southern Mexico says they cook rabbits on Mole sauce. I been meaning to do that but haven't had time to get some rabbits.
  10. I just really wanna try the O/U shotguns and hoping not to spend too much on it. If I like how it works I'll just pass it down to my 13 yr old boy and I could upgrade to a nicer one . Thanks for the help DirtyDave (btw you look very pale on your avatar do you ever get some sun?)
  11. Does anyone own or has shot with the Mossberg O/U shotgun? this shotgun is on sale at the local Big 5 and would like to get more reviews this would be my firs O/U and fits my budge just right. thank you here's the link http://big5sportingg...tailerid=-98565
  12. Congrats on the new rifle and thanx for the review. I'll be stopping by a couple of gun shops this weekend and check out the prices on the 770. Just abit undecided about the cal but i'll let the price on ammunition do the thinking for me.
  13. Thank you Tom been finding alot of useful info the Forum. I just started hunting this year and have much to learn. ARH you getting the riffle this weekend right. Hope your leg gets better soon man.
  14. Hi ARH, I been looking at that rifle and think I'll end up buying it. seen many good reviews. Just one thing that worries me. Some complaint about the bold being too hard. please let me know how it works out for you. thanks
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