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  1. Possible new purchase

    Well difference being... That I HAVE owned diesels for over 20yrs... Ive been hunting Colorado, wyoming, Nev, And ya Calif... Utah some... and it doesnt seem to matter what state... I have no problems filling my tags.
  2. Possible new purchase

    Whoever said not to hunt with a diesel-- I totally disagree... Been hunting with diesels for 20 some odd years... I dont seem to have a problem tagging out ...
  3. The first day of spring...

    Figures the first day of spring is raining LOL.... it was more a mist for last hour or so now its actually looking sunny
  4. Camo...is It Necessary?

    LMAO Ya that is fun to do... This past deer season went hunting with my roommate.. My quad is camoed, I was camoed... I dropped him off on the ridge, and went back down aways and parked the quad kinda of on a point... He heard me shut off the quad... and I could see him easily.. but he said he knew about where I should be but couldnt see me... I wasnt in heavy brush, but I did have some brush behind me.. and there were really tall trees around me so the trunks helped break up my outline I guess.. I thought it was kinda cool
  5. More pest control with EDgun Matador and Daystate Mk4

    That looks like you guys are having WAY too much fun LOL
  6. Archery Hunting License

    I dont see how it would hurt... Thought by then we will be required to register our bows as assault weapons... so probably will be banned anyhow... You know them wheely looking things are very deadly, and those glowing pokey things make it easier to get on a target, and Lord knows those spidery looking things on the string would be illegal cuz theyd be considered silencers... Ohhh the fun of being in Calif
  7. Ohhhhh that does look yummy! I cant wait til after the spring thaw...
  8. Camo...is It Necessary?

    I think Camo helps... But Ive hunted in regular jeans and shirt as well.. I do wear it when I go to walmart... It annoys the city folk Makes my day
  9. Maybe the ammo shortage is starting to let up???

    ROFLMAO I want that shirt!!
  10. It followed me home

    I dont know.. looks like kidnap to me..
  11. Coyote Skull Clean And Fresh

    I agree it seriously needs to be degreased...
  12. Putting in some new raised garden beds...

    Geez you do make me jealous LOL... All your eggs and gardening make me get cabin fever even worse LOL
  13. Can't wait for spring.

  14. Thought this was funny

    LMAO Had that happen this deer season Beautiful blonde coyote steps out broadside right in an opening.. The guy I was with was like shoot it shoot it. But we were deer hunting and we were watching a few deer come up the ridge 1 in particular kept stayng hidden so was hoping it had antlers....so didnt want to screw up the possibility of getting a buck.. Turns out I should have shot the coyote LOL
  15. Thought this was funny

    Messed up but funny!