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  1. That stock is something to be very proud of along with the shots you made. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Brant I used this method on my rimfire rifles to get the cross hairs as close to the center as possible. It worked well enough to continue using that method. That said I will give your suggestion a try. It does sound like a practical technique. I also tried reversing the scope rings and turning them around etc. but the results were the same. Thanks. Rimfire
  3. Hi Brant, I am going to have to work on a picture, I'll try and get that out later. The scope is a Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 4-16x50 The rings are a Mac1 one drooper set that he states on his website as 30MM HTRD-30 High Tie-Rod Drooper but there is no tie rod on this two piece set. The laser tool is a Bosch GLL2-40 Self-Level Cross Line Laser. What I do is set the laser crosshairs on a wall. The device is self leveling. I put the airrifle on a rest and make sure it is level with a buble. I then mount the scope and get its horizontal line parallel to the laser level. Since I cannot sight through the barrel I site along side the barrel to make it as close to the center of the laser crosshairs as possible. I then look through the scope and see where the crosshairs are positioned. In this case the rifle is looking as close as I can get it at the center of the laser crosshairs and the scope reticle is looking approximately four mildots high and four mildots to the left of the laser crosshairs. If I try and adjust the windage I run out of adjustments before I can get it aligned. If you consider a four partition quadrant system like the xy axis in an algebra math class, quadrant one would be upper right, quadrant two would be upper left, quadrant three would be lower left and quadrant four would be lower right. The scope reticle is positioned in quadrant two.
  4. Well I finally bit the pellet, so to speak, and bought an Mrod in a 22 cal. I am trying to mount the telescope so that the reticle lines up with the bore. When I sight down the barrel at a given laser cross hair after I made sure the rifle is level I then look through the scope and the reticle is centered left and above the center of the laser crosshairs, at approximately 10 o'clock. The scopes elevation and windage adjustments are centered. Does anybody have any idea as to what can be done to the rings to move the reticle center down and to the right without adjusting the elevation and windage controls? I know I have to make a small adjustments but when I try and adjust the reticle I am at the limits and still not centered.
  5. Good advice! I especially like the part that states to get used to the gun before making any mods to it. That I will definitely do. As far as a free country is concerned lets just hope it can be restored in Nov.
  6. Thanks Crazyhorse. Thanks Shooter John.
  7. Thanks Air Rifle Hunter. I will probably need help if I start tinkering. I have reasonable mechanicl ability but am in no way a mechanical egineer! Based on what I have been reading if I get a marauder I will probably install a depinger, which on youtube looked pretty straight forward, and a regulator which I am in the dark about. Also I am talking to Jim Gaska, Marmot Militia, regarding a drop in Lothar Walther barrel. That would probably cover most all my shooting needs in this area. I do a lot of Black Powder silhouette shooting and cast my own and I am almost obsessive on accuracy and related to hunting I like the projectile to go where I can put it for a clean shot or kill.
  8. Thanks again Air Rifle Hunter. Your information was very helpful and organized in a terrific way. Based on that information it doesn't seem like a person would be ahead of the game by getting a higher end air rifle. I was thinking on an HW100, but after reading this it doesn't seem like a good idea as the marauder would be just fine. Your trigger pull, breathing and hold must be spot on to connect at 1000 yards. Damn that is good shooting. Just kidding I know it was a typo, -------if it wasn't then double damn! As far as Pyramid Air is concerned they did seem a bit pricey on their items but I have read many good reports about them. I was browsing varmintair.com blog and he speaks very highly of the Marauder pistol. He is having pure fun with it. I think the 25 cal would best suit my purposes for now. It shouldn't take too long to get squared away and hopefully I can have something to post. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Mackeralboy. Yes I think that was an old video. Probably when the Marauders first came out.
  10. Thanks for the reply Air Rifle Hunter. That was very helpful info. Do you find that you use the 25 cal more than the 22 cal for hunting? Does the weight of the Mrod get old after awhile? Which do you find more accurate and are they all stock rifles? Also how do you find the noise level of the 25 cal vs the 22 cal, say on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate each? I was tending towards the 22 cal as I cannot find any 25 cal nonlead ammo, but for hunting I think a 25 cal would be better. Does that sound reasonable? Yup, that was the video that planted the seed in my mind about the magazines.
  11. Thanks BigShooter for the response. BTW great avatar.
  12. Hi All, Newbe to the form. I am trying to decide on a PCP. I have pretty much narrowed it down to two. The HW 100 FSB and the Benjamin Marauder both in 22 cal. Big difference in price between the two. Nothing but great comments about the HW 100 FSB and about 90% great comments about the Marauder. One comment that has bothered me regarding the Marauder is its magazine. The tester mentioned that he had recieved a test gun from Crosman. He was wondering why they sent him and extra magazine. He stated that after reloading the first magazine five times it broke on him he then went to the second one and the same thing happened. Has anybody had any problems with their Marauder magazines?
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