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  1. I like the cs24 but can't stand that remote. Big as a house and the button layout sucks. Plus it eats batteries.
  2. Ok the favorite button brings up a screen that you can add up to 6 of your favorite sounds. Very easy to add or delete. On the remote distance about twice as far as a foxpro. I tried an external speaker for fun as I had one for my minaska bandit. Ran it fine and very loud for the folks that want that. Amazing that they can get enough power out of 4 AA s. On the note of the batts , you can't seem to kill them as they last a long time.
  3. It has a button for favorites. I'll check it out closer and get back to you
  4. I think you will see more icotec callers running around.
  5. What Desert fox says. On another note I wonder if sierra ever is going to get into the non lead.
  6. Hi folks . I bought one of these units as a lightweight caller to load some of my own sounds on . The fox pro I have works great but is a bit cumbersome and not as friendly to add sounds . Folks ,I got to tell you ,the little caller is really good. It reminds me of the ole 416 caller foxpro had. First off, the remote is simple. Up down for sounds , volume and a play/ mute button. And a fav. Button that's it. When you turn on the call it starts at vol 3 , with a max to 7 . Simple runs on 4aa on the caller, a 9 volt on the remote. Almost as loud as the Ts-24 foxpro to add sounds , just plug your computer in the back and click and drag to the caller. Or remove the card and add via a card reader. To sync the remote you plug in a cable to the caller and remote , turn on and your done. That's it. Will accept wav, MP3 or wav, or icotec encrypted sounds. Very very simple iI put my own sounds that I have recorded throughout the years, and some of my minaska caller sounds on it. My minaska finally died so I saved the flash card. all in all a really good caller for someone that wants to call critters without the chrome. Sound quality is good and it's really handy.
  7. I got some 3-1/2" heavy shot" b", 1-3/4 oz shot . I patterned it at 60 yards and it's a heck of a load. According to the sheet Bob it should be a good load.
  8. I wonder how long the gun will last opening it and closing it ,as it wasn't designed for that use. That's a whole lot of work to do to change a mag. What a shame.
  9. It's a whopper for hoping somebody else will start it again. I have got a choke to shoot t good, but that took a lot of work .and you can't beat a fuller pattern that you get with Bb
  10. Here's my pattern @ 50 yards with federal bb and the 18-1/2 " barrel and a kicks choke.
  11. My dogs love the hornady. Bb . I shot some 3-1/2" t shot today. It is a destroyer . Those same targets , which measure 16"x 18" has 35 t shot at 45 yards with a kicks howler heavy shot. The 3" ain't so good patterns are real good further out to 60 yds. I got 6 pellets in your hand.
  12. Question is , should I be looking for better? I would think that I should be getting more than 50% on the target at 45 yards. Those targets are 15"x17"
  13. Shooting federal heavy coyote bb here's the patterns at 45 and 60 yards.
  14. Hi Bob. I am getting about 13-15 pellets at 50-55 yards with the federal Bb on a 9" plate.That's with a modified choke. I have tried other chokes , but the patterns weren't great. What do you like to see at that distance? Eric

  15. Does it take aics style mags.?accurate mag makes some very nice ones. They feed flawless. Some of the all plastic not so good. I like a single stack in the 5 shot and less.