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  1. ehd

    Bought a new to me rifle

    You did real good . Congrats
  2. I love those flite control wads . They really work well provided you shoot them in an open choke . Guys try to shoot them in a ported or full and they are terrible then. That’s a great load . I would like to see it at 50 yards.
  3. ehd

    Lab Radar

    Make a good coyote load
  4. ehd

    New coyote rifle

    They don’t. 😉
  5. ehd

    New coyote rifle

    Load up some lead Bergers and go kill some coyotes👍
  6. ehd

    Non lead for coyotes ?

    Another great factory round that I had great luck with is heavyshot geese loads in B shot. They are a round pellet unlike the t dead coyote shot that looks like welding slag.
  7. ehd

    Non lead for coyotes ?

    I don’t know when the cutoff is , but you can get better shotgun performance with Heavy shot on coyotes. Double your effective range. And as long as the shot is wrapped your barrel won’t suffer.
  8. ehd


    I love a 22 mag. I rebarreled a ruger 77-17 to a 22 magnum. Seriously will light matches at 50 yards. I killed quite a few coyotes with it. That v max in 22 mag is serious coyote medicine. ( I tried all other bullet types.) the 77-17 didn’t work for coyotes, they would usually run off . Yours looks like a dandy.
  9. ehd

    And so it began

    The weight is a drag for sure . I carry a shotgun full of tss shot and a rifle to my coyote stands. Made a 4 mile loop the other day . Add some dog leashes , it’s a boat full.
  10. ehd

    Reloading shotgun shells

    My latest goal would be to load a 13 gr. Oz tungsten shot in a 2 oz load.
  11. ehd

    Heavy Tungsten

    A great coyote load I used several times is heavyshot goose B” shot loads . The pellets are at least round even though it’s 12 gr. Oz.
  12. ehd

    Reloading shotgun shells

    5 grains is a lot. Using longshot powder. That amount put it more in line with hogedons site recommended loads.
  13. I just started reloading Heavy shot and tss shot for coyotes. Not much good load data available for both. Thank goodness for Dabob ‘s help . I have tweaked a load I got from Ballistic products that was way too hot. I double checked everything with them and it was correct. I backed off the minimum load by 5 grains of powder and it shot very good. Also added a Mylar wrap and removed a couple #2 bbs to even out the shot card. Also changed brands of buffer to presision spherical. Now the load shoots real tight and even.
  14. ehd

    which rimfire and...

    Mine was a ruger 77 17 that I bought a green river fluted 22 mag barrel and put on it. It will light matches out at 50 yards.
  15. ehd

    Took Mom fishing at Goleta pier

    Very nice of you to take the time. 👍