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  1. I'd go. I really need to get introduced to the idea of air gun shooting. It's quieter. Are they effective up to 100 yards? Air tank + rifle/scope could cost between 1 and $2k. Looks like a good place to start.


    Shouda done that when I lived there.


    Guess that answers tour question. I once drove through Cleveland National Forest looking for squirrels to shoot. Too many no hunting signs. Didn't look desolate enough.
  4. I'm talking about what's available at Cabelas
  5. So tell me: What's the best air rifle that can be bought for my Alturas shoots? Up to 100 yards.
  6. Northern Az? Did some pdogs in Seligman. What's the best place to live there?  Thanks. 

  7. Went to the range in Reno. All I did was ask them about their opinion on tracer ammo. Next thing I know I had the 2 of them interrogating me on whether or not I was using it there. Guess it's illegal to use but they sell it at cabelas. So tell me: Do u have to drive far to shoot varmints?
  8. Gentlemen: You are all a big-time resource. I learned a lot from all of you and I've decided to save my money and wait to get 'what I want.' Bisley: I'm worried about u. I appreciate your opinion as well as Franks. Hope u were not on your 3rd beer like I M now. now I gotta look for places and varmints to shoot in the winter months. My Stockton area buddy is of no help. He feels sorry for the little critters even though they're still varmints.


    How about huntng/shooting on thanksgiving/christmas day? The game wardens will be off and the snow/cold air won't ignite anything. Gotta give my family a holiday break from me.
  10. OK my friends. It comes with a cheap scope. I REALLY want an AR-15 for $1150 but this will do for now. Should I go for it? How many of you have more than 1 .223? I can wait to buy the AR-15.
  11. Bought my bug-a-salt. Arrived today-2 of them. ! will be gift wrapped. Lotta fun but the novelty wears off when the flies are gone.


    Stopped by Cabela's on my way to Reno. Bought 250 rounds of tracer 22lr for practice at the public range 25 miles from my casino. The pimple-faced cashier asked how it is shooting tracer ammo. Told him I was his age the last time and it was from a machine gun(M-60). I was training then. Also bought 500 rounds of 17HMR plus an extra 5 round magazine for my Savage. It's really accurate. Got my scope set for 50 yards. Maybe I'll set the 22lr for 75-100. Now if I just had a few squirrels to shoot at. I'll be watching the election results, have some work done on my Toyota, feast and leave the women alone(too expensive). As a gun owner it's safe to say that I want the pro gun party to win even though I'm a Libertarian-a Party that will never win an election. It's a good time to come up here. There's a 4 star hotel-Atlantis- that had rooms for $17 a nite. It's before the snow arrives and it's sun-thu. Too bad tracer ammo is illegal in Calif. At least I can buy it here.
  13. Thanks gents. I stand corrected. I figured the 'old geezers' were more likely retired and had the time to sit at a work bench for a small profit. As for range time that would have been a bonus for someone who may not get around that much. If a good reloader charges 50 cents per round I would have to be DOUBLY corrected. Won't be the first time. Been married twice. '
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