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  1. Dan, I used a Mac to do this. If you want, send me an email address and I will email it to you.
  2. I ordered a Foxpro Wildfire, can't wait to start using it.
  3. Just came back from a coyote hunt in Red Bluff and used the jackrabbit in distress MP3 that I posted and took out a coyote within 15 minutes. Got it on video and have some great pics that I need to edit and put up here. My point being, the jackrabbit call works, try it! Only reason why I did not take out more is because the junk called Cass Creek horn went out for no reason and I was left without a caller. Time to upgrade to a real caller. Any ideas or tips?
  4. Guess I'm wasting my time also looking here for places to hunt for coyotes?... Any feedback would be great, I am in Santa Clara and Samta Cruz Counties but am willing to drive up to 150 miles for a good spot.
  5. Here is a link to the Pups in Distress, about 8 minutes that you can loop on your mp3 player. Just like the rabbit in distress sounds above, you can listen to it by clicking on it or right click to download.PredatorCallsPupsinDi…Enjoy!
  6. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and club, glad to be here! So I produced a 10 minute plus mp3 of various jackrabbit distress calls for coyotes that I am making available here for anyone to use on their hunts. No cost, just sharing. I only ask that you give the group some feedback on if it was useful and if it worked for you. You have to post pics of your dogs that you took out.By the way, it was over 11megabytes so I could not upload it directly here. I had to upload it to my blog in a file so just click the link and you can listen to it or right click to download it.Here is is... PredatorCallsJackRabb…Hope it works!I am also putting together some pups in distress as I called in 2 coyotes within 15 minutes with pups in distress calls. That is coming soon, maybe this evening.Robert
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