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  1. NaCladdict

    New to me rifle

    I have a t3 light in .270. Love it. The factory butt pad felt good and squishy but didn't absorb shock worth a darn. Put a limb saver on. I swear shooting 150 gr was worse than out of an all wood stock with the factory pad.
  2. NaCladdict

    Fish cleaning method

    I'd personally rather use a knife. You can still cut through the skin around the fins and peel the skin off. Leaving the fins intact makes pulling the bones out easier when you're eating the fish. For what it's worth I think a lot of the flavor and little fat on a trout is in the skin. I prefer scaling. I realize some people's preference and recipes dictate skinning.
  3. NaCladdict

    Tikka t-3 in 7 magnum

    I have a t3 lite in .270. After sighting in, ~15 rounds, my shoulder was tender. Replaced the stock butt pad with a screw on limbsaver, a world of difference.
  4. NaCladdict

    First dive video and some tasty treats

    You didn't hear it here but the bugs are on the crawl right now.
  5. NaCladdict

    Half Of Me Said Do It Other half Said Don't

    Gun show crew is right, Hunter's Safety works for long guns only. Unexpired Handgun Safety Certificates are good until they expire.
  6. NaCladdict

    Squirrel hunt this am...

    Hey Ducksoupe. You seem pretty new to this so I just want to say that you might want to look into the laws in your area regarding the use of a firearm as well as Department of Fish and Wildlife rules. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, just be aware that you can get yourself in legal troubles
  7. NaCladdict

    Crosman vs Gamo ammo

    The only pellets I would avoid are very heavy ones. The very heavy ones are odd looking, almost like a rifle bullet. Shoot what you have and see what groups best. My benji really likes standard crossmans, hollow points not as much. I don't think the rays can tell the difference. They all die. All the shots appeared to pass through. This leads me to believe that the hollow points aren't expanding. If that's the case, there's no point to them. I'd rather hit them harder than with a non-expanding hollow point.
  8. NaCladdict


    Pellet guns have a lot more arc than true firearms. Learn your come ups and come downs for different distances. I believe there is an old post on here with a drop calculator if you search. When ratting on my buddies land I felt like different rats all followed the same trails. I personally don't believe in baiting them, you're only feeding the vermin. I hate rats. I go after them with spring traps and lead pellets. If you have an area they are foraging in then sticky traps will slow them down long enough for a shot of lead, just make sure to anchor them down.
  9. NaCladdict

    Need help buying scope

    I have a leapers similar to this http://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Leapers_UTG_3_9x40_AO_True_Hunter_Rifle_Scope_EZ_TAP_Illuminated_Mil_Dot_Reticle_1_4_MOA_1_Tube_See_Thru_Weaver_Rings/4722 on my benji regal np. The illuminated reticle helps acquiring targets in low light. Also the mil dots are helpful for close range shots. I use my air gun for the same purpose as you. .177 should shoot flatter than my .22 so mil dots may not be as useful. However I was surprised to learn I had to come up 3 mil dots when zapping rats under a bird feeder from inside my friends kitchen. Distance was about 2 yds. Scope zeroed at 20 yds.
  10. NaCladdict

    My November 14 Crabs

    Nice! Just finished up some dungie omelette breakfast burrito. Delicious!
  11. NaCladdict


    I have a bushmaster predator upper. I like it. It has a. 20 bull barrel. Pulls great groups with most factory ammo. Big drawback is that it's pretty heavy. Not too big a deal because she's mainly a bench rest gun although I wouldn't mind hiking it out to a stand or two. I definitely wouldn't want to hike her through the brush all day though. I haven't looked into it much yet, but if you're going to buy a rifle to hunt with make sure it will shoot non-lead well. That bullet's coming down the pipe in ca soon enough.
  12. NaCladdict


    I do like switch, minus the thread. An added bonus is you can use the current to drift your bait into areas that naturally gather food. This is often where the fish are. Sometimes it will carry your bait under a ledge, into a hole, or brush pile where you wouldn't be able to cast.
  13. NaCladdict

    crosman nitro piston 2 release?

    Videos are smoke and mirrors. Anything super sonic is loud. However the fps ratings on crossman air guns are done with lightweight alloy pellets. Lead will be much slower. Even before the alloy pellet actual speeds were never as advertised. Lead may keep it sub sonic. Also, I'm extremely happy with my Benjamin Regal nitro piston. Very, very quiet, accurate, packs a punch. Good for most pellet gun type hunting.
  14. NaCladdict

    lobster hoopin'

    I wish my first sexual experience was 5 keepers and a throwback. Seriously though, great ratio. rspouza3, do you know about popcorn lobby legs? Put the legs in a microwave safe / melt proof container and microwave for about 20 seconds per leg. Don't do more than 2-3 legs at once depending on your microwave. The steam builds up in the shell and the you hear a "pop" as the leg meat shoots out whole. This trick works about 90% of the time. Doesn't work on soft or about to molt lobbies. Very sensational for women and children. Makes a great quick post fishing snack. The meat can also make for a great salad topper. The presentation of whole lobster leg meat can be sensational for that "top chef" look. I either use the cheapie reusable Tupperware type containers. They will melt a bit and get marred. A glass bowl with Saran Wrap works great too if you're worried about melted plastic.
  15. NaCladdict

    Road Bikes

    Nice bikes. My inlaws and father who all ride a lot and are 65+ have opted for commuter style bikes. Sort of mountain bikes with narrower tires and lighter weight. They found the upright body positioning to be much more comfortable. These bikes also do ok on well maintained trails like good fire roads. Me, I love my trek aleze (road bike). I think you'll love the speed and agility of the roadies. Just mentioned the commuters for possible future purchases. I know purists are against them but I still put anti flat strips in all my bikes. Haven't flatted out due to a puncture in over a decade. Well worth the extra wheel weight to me.