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  1. .17 hmr

    The 17hmr is my favorite round. I would start with the basics. Is you scope good? Is it securely mounted? I have had scope mount screws back out and become loose. This does nothing for you accuracy. Is the action screw secure? Did you use a torque wrench to secure it? Is the stock touching the barrel? If so, the barrel heat could be causing problems. If you are unsure of the scope, put another one on it and try it out. I am a big believer in quality scopes. It hurts to spend more on a scope than the gun, but that is what makes them (usually) accurate. 2-3 inches at 75 yards is a considerable drift. Keep working at it. The 17hmr is normally a tack driver. Good Luck Bill
  2. New rifle

    Best gun/ammo ever! Bill
  3. I am a Deplorable! Finally got an AR.

    Nice purchase Grant! Once you go black........... Get it dialed in and call me when this snow and rain lets up! I've got 4 inches on the ground here at the house and they are predicting 4+ inches of rain here by Sunday! The Truckee River is supposed to go to flood stage Sunday night to Monday morning! Trump said he would fix the drought. He can fix anything Best regards Bill
  4. New Polaris Ranger...

    Nice John! I picked up a new mid size EPS a couple of months ago. The new version is much nicer than the older ones. The power steering makes a big difference. I already made an aluminum roof for it and put a winch in the bumper. The new location for the cup holders was a design upgrade from their previous locations (!) I do find all of the Polaris Rangers to be a bit on the noisy side. The electric one is quiet, but it adds quite a lot of weight to the rig. I took it out last week and had a blast. Plenty of power. Good luck with yours! Bill
  5. Xmas Present To Me

    Well Merry Christmas to you Ed! I have been looking for a Christmas present to buy myself, but so far, no luck. Hope you enjoy it! Bill
  6. Officially A New Daddy Again

    That new AR looks like it has enough eye relief as to not bother that new scar on your forehead! Nice shooting Bill
  7. See What Happens When I Don't Hunt............

    All that lead???? What will the Condors say????
  8. 50 Inch Sturgeon

    Nice going Tom, but where are the pictures? You know the rules. It didn't happen if there are no pictures! Bill
  9. Bodega Bay

    Hope you have a good time on the Klamath. A buddy of mine says that the extremely warm water has hurt the Salmon fishing out of the bay. Bill
  10. Getting There

    December of what year? Bill
  11. Bodega Bay

    So.... Where is the fishing report for Thursday and Friday????? For those of us that are living vicariously through others............. Best regards Bill
  12. Savage a17

    I still can't imagine buying enough ammo to feed a semi-auto 17HMR! I have enough trouble spending money on .22 semi. At least with a bolt action 17, I am forced to slow down.......... a little Bill
  13. Urban coyote dispatcher

    That is evil looking. Bill
  14. Bodega Bay 8/3&4

    Nice way to spend your birthday Steve! Better luck next time Bill
  15. Count the skunks