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  1. Thats why I paid ford to fix mine.
  2. thanks for the input, I bought one in 44mag, because the 480 was no longer avalible, looking forward to some fun
  3. Has anyone ever shot one, hows the recoil.
  4. We heard somewhere that baby aspirin on the bite site lessens the swelling. Tried it on the grand kids this summer and it is just short of miraculouls(sp) soak asprin in water and put wet paste on bites, works great. Matt
  5. We have a food saver and it works for us with small bathes of dry goods, beans, rice, flour ect. John, how much does one like yours run.
  6. I've got a Browning Buckmark with a red dot, green dot and it is a tack driver. I never use the green dot because its to hard to see.
  7. 28 degrees with a chance of snow today. looks like june for me.
  8. Have a sturdy, and they are great safes, look at the website that Terry put up and watch them try to break into their safe using fork lifts. I think they are the best bang for your buck, commercial quality. Matt
  9. You could also buy a good quality barrel the length you want and then you'll have two barrels to choose from. Shorter stocks are available too. Matt
  10. I shoot the Ruger 480 from a SRH with a 9.5" barrel, its fun and the recoil is a little more than a 44 mag due mostly from the weight of the gun. It dosent hurt to shoot and I can hit accuretly to about 100 yards with a good rest. The 480 is just a 44 mag on steroids, same length but .475 dia. ammo is still out there and non lead is available for reloaders. Matt
  11. I have wanted a Rokon for years but am to cheap to pay over 7000.00 for a new one, and couldn't find a used one when I had the money. I had a Yamaha TW200 for a few years and it was fine, fat tires were great. I found I was riding on the road more and more and it just dosent have the power for that, top end was 60 with a tail wind.
  12. Braz is right about about hating them at first, as my wife washed the dishes the first time I was wearing them I thought I was in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, the noise was so intense I took them out, but you get used to it over time. It is nice to hear the birds chirping again. I would advise not to go to the cut rate hearing aid dispensers, find a good audiologist.
  13. One other thing about hearing aids, they amplify all sound, not just what you want to hear. If you're like me and have trouble in noisy enviroments they help but they are not a cure. 35 years of fire engines, pumps, chainsaws and heavy equipment have done their damage and theres no going back.
  14. I've had seimens and also on my second set of oticon, both good but the oticon are Bluetooth ready, with the receiver around your neck you answer your phone and it comes through your hearing aids, cost around 4 grand for set of two.
  15. I searched Sierra club and was not able to get any info on contributors, I'll try another like you suggest. Sorry for hijacking this thread. Matt