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  1. Just subscribed and added a comment to your latest video.
  2. Great video. You had better visibility than i did yesterday.
  3. Fished oceanside pier last knight and it was pretty much the same. Water temp in the high 67 degree, plenty of mackerel biting and there were a few sharks caught. One 4 ft leopard and a few big 20-35 pound bat rays were hauled in. plenty of bait fish out there and its just getting better.
  4. Pie

    Pie, 3 parts apple, I part dough and 4 hours in the oven???? thats probably why i suck at baking... All it takes to be a chef on a ranch is a really good chilli recipe, so forget the pie and get back to that spicy chilli recipe
  5. Ed, thats what i was thinking. I should own one at least once in my life. Maybe pass it on to my son in a few years.
  6. Thanks guys for the info. I kinda just want one for teh nostalgia of owning one. They are such a nice gun for small game and since they did away with the semi auto versions and made the majority bolt action they are much better now. I have been looking into teh ammo and theres a few people sellign non lead ammo on gun broker so if i get the gun i have to load up on ammo before they completely disapear. I already have my apocalypse collection of guns, i just want a few shooters now.
  7. I am looking to get a new gun and i think i like the 17 hmr as a new varmint(rabbit, coyote gun) Right now i can get a good one for around $300 with a scope but i dont know if its right for me or for taking down coyotes. Any suggestions or recomendations?
  8. If you coat your eggs in mineral oil they will last for 3-6 months without refiridgeration. You just need to rotate them once a week. Or you can just place them in a cool place for a few months without coating them, you can choose yoru method. We did it once just to check out if it works and it did.
  9. That thing looks great man, I euro my buck from 2 years ago. And i plan on doing it again on this years buck. I like your style
  10. And that ladies and gentlemen is how its done on a budget and with extraodinary results. The man is good with the gun and with the check book.
  11. Wow great mounts. why did it take so long to get them back? was it paperwork related or just procesing time to get the mounts and skins ready to ship? Were you able to bring back any of the meat or was it all donated? I always look at the african hunts and, they are worth the money, very cheap for the amount of exotics you can take in comparison to a $10.000 white tail hunt here in teh states.
  12. Well my favorite time of the year (ocean related) is upon us once again, that magical and extremely dangerous time of the year when the california coast is open for a lobster dinner, and all you have to do is catch it. I braved the 3 foot swell and back to back sets last night at midnight and joined the circus of freedivers and scuba divers that were chasing lobsters off our coast. The good news is that i made it back safely and with 1 nice lobster for my hour of very hard work. The bad news is that we saw the fish and game had a few guys with their hand up and there car tossed, i guess they were poaching short lobsters. I played by the rules and took advantage of the oceans bounty and braved the waves for a lobster dinner. But hey its still better than buying one from red lobsters...
  13. Thats where you have been, I havent heard from you since spring turkey season. Glad to hear you have finished school because i need a partner for fall turkey season...
  14. This El nino is awesome. Dudes are shooting yellowtail, dorado and just recently yellowfin tuna in local waters. Hell iam even catching 2 lb bonito from the pier. It hasnt been this good in like 10 years..
  15. Opah Trifecta landed in San Diego. SoCal anglers score rare opah trifecta -