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  1. Thanks guys. A beautiful place indeed. Can't wait to get back out there.
  2. Hi Robert! It was nice seein you at Simply! It was a lot of fun. I wonder who had the shark drive by? I didn't hear that?! I heard though that one of the kayakers did have a drive by a while ago, and he booked it back to shore. That's cool you caught some pink even though you let it go! My first time in the ocean was at Albion and it was like a washing machine, but I've been hooked ever since. Whether it be lakes, streams, rivers or ocean its quite an awesome experience. Hope to see you on the water again soon buddy! I still need to practice self rescue, don't know why my stubborn butt is doin out in the ocean without preparing lol.
  3. Caught a 25 inch Ling, a 17 inch copper, 12 in Kelp Greening and a few Black Rockfish. Spectacular weekend. Was there for a fishing event with NCKA. At work right now, pictures to follow! btw Love my new job I'll be on more!
  4. Hi guys, So I am trying to get some advice on the legalities of carrying concealed when hunting and fishing in California. I read online that it is ok in unincorporated areas. But as soon as you enter corporated areas or roadways you must have your firearm unloaded. I read that open carry is not prohibited in unincorprated areas either. Just curious because I do a lot of hunting and fishing solo and want to follow the laws and not be carrying where I should not. The areas I know I am allowed are blm obviously, national forests, but that's about it. I do not have a CCW either. Any advice is appreciated. I was at Vallejo this past week fishing off hwy 37 in the slough areas around the Napa River and want to carry concealed but waiting for some concrete answers first. Thanks!
  5. Grant, ya that's what I want to find out more about I heard about the single shot ar pistols you can buy registered and just change it to a gas tube, but also curious if I can buy the lower that is on the approved list. All still kinda new to me.
  6. Anyone with info on buying a ar lower pistol in the area pm me please
  7. Thanks Grant! I really like that Toyota but then I thought hmm maybe I could use the extra cab in the back. So I'm hoping to find a Toyota with extra cab in back plus the camper. That narrows my search even more. I found out that my Escape had a bad angle sensor. It ended up costing me $800 to fix. I figured if it was less then 1000 I'll fix it but I still don't trust that it will last so I want to get a second vehicle for my outdoor adventures. The 83 Toyota seems like a real rare find but boy are those nice looking! That's probabbly the one truck I would pass without the extra cab because its a classic and I hear its a beast! Until then I will keep looking and hopefully find something with less then 200k miles
  8. United Sportsman Gun Club off Willow Pass Road in Concord has a 200 yard rifle range I believe. Can someone else confirm though?
  9. Thanks Verne! Thanks Tom! I'll check it out today for sure. Way to look out
  10. My 2008 Ford Escape power steering finally went out on me on Christmas Day. There was some sort of recall repair done on the power steering but ford wants to charge me 1700 to fix some gear box and they said they don't even know if that is the issue but itbhas nothing to do with the recall. Sounds like a bunch of bs to me. Anyway found out that my particular Ford Escape has had complaints for the same issue that Ford refuses to address and fix. Therefore I am selling it as is and looking for a older 96-98 Toyota 4x4 truck. Figure at least there's mechanical parts and I don't need bells and whistle cpu sensors that cost me an arm and a leg. So just wondering if anyone knows of any trucks for sale to keep a lookout for me. I really want a Toyota but sadly im scared to go back to a ford. I will look into an older Silverado I've heard ok things about them. For now im lucky my mom didn't need her car this weekend but next week I gotta go the rental route till I find something. Looks like hunting is on hold ti then.
  11. I have been reading up on air guns and i may want to get me one they seem neat. Light, powerful, cheap ammo and I can get wabbits, some upland fowl, and squirrleys. But I would like to go the pistol route like the Airforce Talon SS, Marauder, Gamo or Stoeger. They all have the muffling tips but what I wanted to know is if it is legal to use in my yard if I set up a pellet trap? I don't wanna scare my neighbors when they hear me plinking. If not ok I don't mind taking my target practice out in a field. Thanks!
  12. Thanks guys for your input glad I got views other then the seller saying it would take tough terrain as a hunting rig. I'm gonna keep looking. Microtus- ya I noticed tht too like 4runners seem cheaper then the trucks wonder why if they are pretty much same parts. I want a truck tho to be able to throw my things in and go but ya I'll be patient and wait
  13. Wondering if this rig would be decent when goig upto the Mountains like Yuba gap and up around there? My concerns are the potholes, mud, and whoopsie doos. Thanks! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/5340564856.html
  14. Thanks guys! I was solo on this trip Tom. But definitely need to hook up with Glen and the rest of the NCkA gang soon.
  15. Thanks guy! I was in a Hobie Revolution 13. Great kayak, light and fast! Can't wait to go back out! And they sure were delicious!
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