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  1. Rcbs Chargemaster

    Love mine! Makes reloading so much easier, faster, and more accurate.
  2. Militec-1

    Militec-1 is good stuff.However, lately I have switched over to Froglube and have no regrets at all. Worked in all kinds of conditions and the firearms just come nice and clean real easy and the gun runs non-stop!Darren
  3. NcSTAR Pistol Scope

    NcStar also has a lifetime warranty on their scopes which I found surprising for the price point. Their headquarters is here in the Los Angeles area and I have met a few of the management from there. I have become more and more impressed with them lately.Darren
  4. Shooting Sticks or BiPod?

    I am using a tripod actually. Works great on uneven ground.Darren
  5. 1 Ball Powder for 9mm &45acp

    Highly suggest Universal Clays for all your pistol needs. Works fantastic!Darren
  6. Accuracy of .308 versus .30-06?

    It is the same diameter bullet and even basically the same weight. The 06 tends to be about 200 fps faster then the .308 which translates to a bit further range. Really it comes down to the shooter, the load, and the rifle.Darren
  7. Firearms - Duracoat

    Duracoat is more durable then regular Krylon, it has a resin in it that helps it to hold up. Cost of materials: 220 grit sandpaper - $5, lacquer thinner - $6, Brake Cleaner - $3, Duracoat - $35, airbrush kit - $9, and painter's tape - $3. That is about it!Darren
  8. Mexican Tuna bite

    Sorry you didn't pull in more on your trip. At least the Mexican pirates didn't mess with you.Darren
  9. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    I can't because the idiot who had the rifle before me bubba'd the rifle and milled the rear sight mount completely off. That is why I had to do a scout scope mount instead of a traditional mount. Plus I can still use the stripper clips with this rifle.Darren
  10. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    Have to take her out this weekend and zero her. Just finished the Duracoat and re-assembly yesterday after letting it sit for 24 hours.Darren
  11. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    Hope these are small enough to load up in here. One is before, the other is after.Darren
  12. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    Pictures are available here. Enjoy!Darren
  13. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    Thanks! Very excited will be tearing apart the rifle and refinishing it with Duracot Flat Dark Earth this weekend. Can't wait! Will be taking some pictures as well of the project.Darren
  14. 303 Enfield No4 Mk1 Rifle -

    I have not started the project so no pictures to post at this point. As I am going through it and finish it I will post pics.Darren
  15. Chamfer or not?

    No need to chamfer based on lots of rounds later on.Darren