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  1. Nice. Airweights are easy to carry, which means she won't be inclined to leave it behind as often.
  2. Well it got finished in time for Christmas. She was tickled that I spent the time to build this gun for her. She had been coached by our self-defense shooting instructor that she should get a 1911 after him having stopped our class and taken my Gold Cup NM and given it to her and gave me the Sig, then resumed the class. I was publically poked at over the range PA system about giving my wife the second rate equipment, including the holster she had. So, I went overboard. The gun started as a 9mm Springfield 1911 shown above. The frame, slide, barrel, full length guide rod, thumb and grip safeties, were all that remain factory. Although all have been modified, shaped, blended, etc., in some way. The functional mods are: Dawson Precision fiber optic front and LPA rear sights, custom fitted barrel bushing, o/s slide stop, polished feed ramp, 30 degree crowned barrel, fitted/tuned EGW extractor, fitted o/s EGW firing pin stop, Cylinder & Slide Ultra Light tool steel ignition kit (hammer, sear, disconnector, sear spring and hammer spring), STI short trigger, OEM Springfield titanium firing pin, titanium hammer strut, titanium mainspring cap, Wilson extended magazine release, Wilson semi-extended slide stop, The "gingerbread" mods include: checkered front grip strap, weld-on custom shaped magwell, flat topped slide with diamond checkering, reshaped thumb safeties for comfort, blended and reshaped factory beavertail grip safety, fully chamfered corners on the whole gun, custom thin grips with monogram in glitter, custom mixed purple metallic Cerokote on the frame, and black graphite Cerokote on the slide and controls. The purple metallic frame and glitter monogram grips are a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun after hearing my wife and another gal at the range talk about "girl guns" and equipment. I did all the work except for the frame front grip strap checkering, which was done by Dave at Evolution Armory in New Hampshire, who stepped up to turn it around in short order to make it in time for Christmas. In addition, she got a new custom made leather steel reinforced combat holster and mag carrier, their Gunsite Omega model from Davis Leather in Arizona, purple gun rug and range bag, and 4 extra Wilson ETM magazines. She made out pretty well this Christmas.
  3. John, I had this vision of glitter inlaid in the grips and a plan to fill laser engraving. I called the VZ Grips guy, Justin, and he and I planned how to do it. I bought some EnviroTex Jewelry Resin and some glitter dust. Justin deep laser engraved the grips to maybe .020 deep. I practiced on a block of wood. I mixed some colors of glitter and settled on this. I used a small syringe, with the tapered plastic tip cut to the right size. C'mon Braz, it's lavender. LOL I wanted her to have a seriously accurate, reliable, and well feature equipped gun, and then had some fun with it a bit. She'll get a kick out of it.
  4. With the gun off to the Cerokote guy, I'm still not done. This was today's work. I'll put some finish on the grips to darken them evenly. Gotta have some bling.
  5. The VZ Slim 320 grips came in today. I really didn't like the Briley magwell shape, but I didn't want to do anything until I fitted the grips. I fitted them up pretty quick (for me) and started marking the magwell. I don't know about the rest of you, but it takes me quite a bit of time to figure out how I want to sculpt something like this. Sometimes it just kind of develops. I started with a 12" disk grinder and got the big stuff off. Then I picked up a file. First thing that struck me was the pretty checkering that was gonna get gouged up. I put a strip of duct tape on it. Still worried. I have a huge 18" wide roll of .010" aluminum adhesive tape. I cut a tiny piece for protecting the checkering. You can see the file marks in it. This is the shape I ended up with. I'm not very good with organic shapes. But I really pleased myself with the shape. It had to have a forward extension from the frame since the well has some chamfer forward. I'm never happy with my file work. I'll hand sand it to remove the file marks and smooth it tomorrow and get to the inside again. I had my friend TIG it again on the inside after I ground about thru all the welds. I really gotta kick it in gear and get this to the Cerokote guy tomorrow afternoon. Sneak peek still has the mask on it from the laser engraver. I have a plan for this.
  6. Uh oh...
  7. Wait till I'm done before you commit to that. I'll post a picture of it completed soon. You might change your mind.
  8. John , tinkering with stuff and especially guns is a form of therapy for me. As they say: 'everybody needs a hobby'. It's gratifying when something turns out nice.
  9. John, I know you being a 1911 guy will appreciate this level of customization. I'm keeping it legal for IDPA ESP just in case I can convince her to shoot a bit of that. Our self-defense pistol instructor curriculum brings you thru a series of classes that give you enough to step into IDPA or USPSA. We have a couple more classes and I thought this gun would be nice for her in case she gets the bug. She has already told her friends and relatives she's been having a great time shooting in these classes. I paid a smith in NH to checker the front strap a week or so ago. Got it back and I'm running out of time. But, I have a goal of making this a Christmas gift. I've started into some of the more labor intensive work. I'm doing this more to put my personal touch on it and make it unique for her. I find it always gets more appreciation from my wife when I make or do something for her, rather than just buy something. The frame got a magwell from Briley welded on. It still needs a lot of shaping. I'm not so happy with the shape. More shaping and polishing before off to the Cerokote guy. Then I wanted to flat top the slide and do something unique, so I decided to checker it. Lots of mill setup and run time. It still needs deburring and chasing the checkering with a riffle. But I'm pretty happy with the effect. It's going to be a crunch to get this done for her Christmas present.
  10. OK, a year ago it was funny. Not so funny since Brown signed the July laws. What's the direct effect of registering an AR as a AW? Limitations on use, etc.? Is going with a stock "...uglier then me!!" a better avenue for the sportsman? Is anyone getting rid of their ARs? Posted November 18, 2015 ยท Report post Hahahahaha, yeah, I understand the ignorant laws they are trying to skate around, but I refuse to shoot anything uglier then me!!! And that's say a LOT!
  11. Hard to argue against that. I'm in favor of 45s as well. However, I've standardized the house with the Sig 40s in consideration of my wife's ability to use them. That may change if she takes to this 1911 and gains proficiency with them. I'm also looking at getting an Aero Survival carbine in 45.
  12. John, Agreed. This gun won't be used for self-defense. It's purely a range gun for fun. The Sigs are for that job. Besides, I'm not a big fan of 9mm as an intentional choice for a home D gun.
  13. I had taken it to the range before and it performed well. But I knew it had more in it and I just wasn't getting it out with the trigger at around 4 lbs. I tweeked the sear spring and checked it at 2 1/2 lbs. I don't want to give her the gun that way, Im thinking more like 3 1/2 lbs. But it was an opportunity for me to try some accuracy testing with a very light trigger to see if I could wring out some tighter groups. It did. I think I'll not worry about trying to wring out any more accuracy with a match barrel change, etc.. The ol' Springfield barrel seems just fine. Also, Im at about 600 round with it and it has only had 2 FTF stops in the OEM mag in the first session of 3, none since I polished the ramp to nearly a mirror. All the other 4 mags (3 ETM Wilsons, and another OEM) have been flawless. The gun has been super reliable and I haven't touched the extractor, although I have a EGW extractor and ejector waiting to be installed. I really like this gun. Maybe I should keep it for myself. The groups in these pix are all 5 shot. All rested unless stated otherwise. I'm really impressed with this gun. Here's tonights efforts.
  14. I have the scope mounted up. The Bobro mount seems to be a decent product. I don't know that it'll be good for taking the scope off and on and expect no change in zero. But it was touted highly. We'll see.
  15. I bought a Bobro Engineering QD mount and decided on the Leupold 3-18x 50 with the TMOA reticle. I mounted it up last week, but haven't had time to get to a rifle range. This weekend is taken up with doing some things with the wife. Maybe next weekend. The Bobro mount had some good reviews and I liked the guys there in Goleta. For the scope, I just had to stick with my experience. I bought my first Leupold almost 40 years ago. I still have it and it's still a great scope. I've only had a handful of them, maybe 6-7, but have friends that I've known their guns equipped with Leopold scopes as well, some for more than 3 decades. In all that time I've never heard a derogatory word spoken by any of my friends about their scopes. I've never had one fail nor not perform as designed. I just had no reason to move away from a brand I trust. Pix later.