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  1. Possible new purchase

    Decided to get the chevy after i took it out for a test drive on some 4x4 forest roads that i've gotten stuck on before. Now i just gotta find someone to buy the dodge.
  2. Possible new purchase

    its a chevy 2500,
  3. Possible new purchase

    The chevy is the vortec 7.4l gas powered, not diesel. Gets the same mpgs unloaded as my current 1987 dodge. 10 in town, maybe 15 highway. The chevy only has 80k miles and they're fanatic about maintaining all their vehicles. I thought about keeping both but i dont have a need for 2 gas guzzlers. Basically Dodge is paid off but needs new paint/body work ($3k estimate) and other work to be refreshed. Chevy is good to go, i would just have to make payments for a chunk of this year depending on how much i would be able to get for the old dodge with the work that still needs to be done. I just dont have chevy experience or know enough about their "newer stuff".
  4. Possible new purchase

    GF's parents are going to get rid of their spare truck and i have first dibs on it. I currently have a 87 dodge d150 with a 318(paid off of course) and the truck their selling is a 2000 chevy 2500 with 7.4L engine with only 81k miles for $3500(discount for being the daughters bf). So comparible gas mileage but more performance with the chevy. Yet they have told me about selling it after i decided to start fixing up the Dodge so i dont have the full amount on hand and they would let me do payments. I use my dodge for camping and attempting to hunt dear yet it cant go where i would like to because of 2wd and softpack forest roads in some areas. They chevy is a 4x4 auto. Should i stick with the dodge since its paid off or splurge and buy the chevy cause its 4x4? Truck would be a daily driver also but i dont drive many miles as is.
  5. Hunting Knife, What do you guys use ?

    Kershaw Alaskan blade trader is what i use. I got it on sale at the time and i think its worth what i paid for it at the time.
  6. New toy

    Updated it soon as i got home lol. Yea i plan on using it to mark the good spots and other ideas i have. I like how its topographic and shows creeks,springs,streams seasonal or not. My girlfriend was laughing when i showed her everything about it because i was so excited to go out and use it.
  7. New toy

    Randomly popped into the local pawnshop today. Saw an etrex vista cx tucked away in the corner of a display case. Ended up buying it.It may be an older model but this thing has everything i want/need for when im out and about. Sooo stoked for my trip the next couple days.
  8. Beetles

    I'm curious if anyone in San luis obispo county has any beetles that are hungry? I have 3 rabbit skulls i want to do but the taxidermist wants $75 bucks a piece to skull clean them.