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  1. I found this spot down the road, very impressed with the place. Didn't realise it's beside Sharp Park golf course where I play all the time!!
  2. Cheers lads
  3. I bought the wrist release and arrows they suggested. While testing the bow in the Bass Pro I was getting 2" groups at 10 yards. I was delighted being that I'd never shot before. I live beside Crocker Amazon Park in SF. Do you think it's worth my while to find out if I could practice hitting targets in front of one of the many hills out there, or am I wasting my time as it wouldn't be permitted? My back yard just ain't long enough
  4. Just got back from the Bass Pro with my first Bow, PSE Brute with a draw weight of 50-60lb. I just wanted to commend the sales staff out there. I knew feck all, and I felt like I was given good advice that wasn't pushy. I'm going to start getting in the practice, I believe there is a range in Daly City and a club in Golden Gate Park that I'll have to pay a visit. Other than that has anyone any tips for a complete novice?
  5. Cheers Microtus. That's one point for the 5mm neoprene
  6. I plan on hunting the likes of grizzly island and anywhere around the bay area for duck and maybe geese. What kind of chest waders would you folks suggest? 3mm or 5mm neoprene or the breathable type. I've been looking at the Cabela's Ultimate waders, the ll bean west branch , and the Cabelas first flight breathables.The LL bean aren't camo, is that a drawback? However, they do have a great return policy
  7. Hey Thumper, would you recommend starting with a recurve or compound bow?
  8. They were $180ish before tax, comfy as hell. They have 400 grams of thinsulate. I tried on a few different pairs, these just felt the best. Also their after sales service is very good, according to the salesman!
  9. I went out to Bass Pro Shop yesterday and walked out with a pair of Danner Pronghorns amongst other things. Cheers lads.
  10. I like the looks of the danner prong horns and the Irish setter elk trackers. What kind of insulation should I be looking for. I'll be doing most of my hunting in California, and in the winter at home in Ireland.
  11. I'm in the market for a new set of boots. I'm new to hunting and I plan on going after deer, boar and rabbit....possibly a few birds too. I'm a bit confused as to what level of insulation to get, and I presume they should be water proof...What is a good boot to suit any hunting occasion? Should I go leather or synthetic?