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  1. modoc squeek shooter

    New rifle Rem 700

    Good find John, I just bought a 700 BDL in 7 mag. Lol I love 700 's . Ed
  2. modoc squeek shooter

    The Vehicle Gods Must Like Squirrels

    Ship you guns UPS to me lol. Ed
  3. modoc squeek shooter

    The Vehicle Gods Must Like Squirrels

    Damn Bob, Greyhound doesn't run up here. Think Reno (3 hours south) is as close as it goes lol. Ed
  4. modoc squeek shooter

    Living in oregon has some benefits.

    Oregon is kinda like Cali, except Cali has more large urban areas, therefore more libitards. Oregon like California would be better off if everything west of Interstate 5 fell into the Pacific. Libs out number sane people in both states. Same with Washington . Ed
  5. modoc squeek shooter

    Xmas Present To Me

    Think Lakeview is in April. It is a small show, heck the town is only about 3500 people lol. Ed
  6. modoc squeek shooter

    Xmas Present To Me

    Think it is a BSA. Cheap lol. I will take it and some other junk to the Lakeview, OR gun show. I will get a table and sell my surplus junk.
  7. modoc squeek shooter

    Xmas Present To Me

    Thanks Bob. It is small and light, probably going to be my truck gun. Like the peep sight. Lol I am sure it will shoot a few squeeks while I am waiting for cow trucks and a few coyotes when I see one mousing in the snow. Ed
  8. modoc squeek shooter

    Xmas Present To Me

    Chuck I got it lol. This old geezer don't take pictures lol. It is stainless with a composit stock. It is a used rifle but only shot maybe 10 rounds down the tube. I got it and 130 rounds and some funky little red dot sight for 600 bucks. Oh and the 7.62x39 rounds are Herters, brass cases with boxer primers, not the steel cases. So all I need to do is get s set of dies. It has some other great features that I am keeping to myself lol. Ed
  9. modoc squeek shooter

    Xmas Present To Me

    Just bought a Ruger Mini 30, lol not an AR but it's the closest thing to one this old boy is going to get lol.
  10. modoc squeek shooter

    Dear Farook.

    If I get a 14 I am going with a peep. I not buying it to shoot squeeks with. Iron sights withstand more abuse too.
  11. modoc squeek shooter

    Dear Farook.

    Rommel I like your wife! I have thought about an AR, yeah right old bolt gun guy. Think I would rather get a Mini 14. I started out with a 14 in the Army, it was a damn fine weapon even if it was made by Smith Corona lol. Ed
  12. modoc squeek shooter

    Finally, My Yeti

    Bob at least you have the right kind of beer in that coaster. I would buy a Yeti , but then I couldn't afford anything to put in it . Ed
  13. modoc squeek shooter

    Remington 700

    I have owned numerous 700 and never had a problem, maybe luck I don't know. All I can say is treat every rifle like it might go off at any time. Accidents happen cause people do stupid things. ED
  14. modoc squeek shooter

    Tough night on the delta

    Damn Tom boats cost you a lot, I had a ski boat in the late 70's. I ran it for 2 years, I was a popular guy lol, had lots of friends till it came time to put gas in it lol. It was a tri-hull with a 455 olds and a Berkley jet, sucked the gas. I sold it Sell your boat Tom and buy rifles lol. Your friend Ed
  15. modoc squeek shooter


    Hey Monkey cowboys like chili but they love pie lol. ED