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  1. Question for magnum pistol loaders

    Thanks for the heads up, Bob. I don't mind that so much in a cartridge like this. I won't shoot it enough to ever load mass quantities of ammo so I'll throw them lite and trickle them up.
  2. New grips for the .454

    Thanks Johnny. I'll get in touch with you when I get around to making up some ammo for it.
  3. New grips for the .454

    I did the same thing. Sold a short barreled, stainless Blackhawk in .45 colt. Sure miss that one, but I did sell it to buy this one so it all worked out I guess
  4. Question for magnum pistol loaders

    Just going by the numbers it seems like it should be a good powder for the pressure and velocity area I'm shooting for with a 250 grain lead cored bullet. Gonna have to do some more digging for lead free.
  5. Question for magnum pistol loaders

    Oh yeah. Definitely not going to go below any published numbers. I have read that about 110 and 296. Looks like Longshot gives low pressures with decent velocities, just can't find much data on that powder.
  6. New grips for the .454

    The more I look at it the more I think a nice stainless lanyard ring on the butt is in order.
  7. New grips for the .454

    Thanks fellas. I've wanted one since I was a kid. I bought the gun a couple years ago but she was in need of some TLC. It cost me a bunch more than I was hoping to get the trigger/safety bar back in proper working order but now I'm very happy with how it came out.
  8. I'm planing on working up some loads that will tame down my .454 to heavy 45 Colt levels (in full length Casull cases). I've heard that some powders like H110 are very "blasty", creating lots of noise and percussion. Are there any magnum pistol powders in particular that have a reputation for being more mellow in that aspect?
  9. New grips for the .454

    Thanks. Looks like 45colt hasn't been around in a couple years. Hope the ol' boy is alright.
  10. New grips for the .454

    Haha! No I'm still around, the missus keeps kicking out baby's so I don't have much free time anymore. Lol!
  11. New grips for the .454

    Hi fellas. Haven't been around in a while but I thought I'd better check in just in case 45colt was still around so he could see his old pistol after its trip back to Freedom Arms for a repair to the safety bar and a brand new set of ebony micarta grips.
  12. Good automatic shotgun?

    The versamax has proven itself to be a great performer with a lot of guys on the duck hunting forums. Another one with a great reputation is the Winchester SX3. You can get the black shadow model for well under a grand. Franchi's are nice too. Don't hear much about them. I have the 20 gauge version and its a sweetheart of a gun. My favorite part about it is that the action spring is out on the mag tube instead of being buried inside the stock. Of the Intensity were available when I bought my Benelli, I probably would've went with the Franchi instead.
  13. Another way to camo

    I saw this procedure being used by members on another forum and it looks pretty slick. Basically, spray the item with a base coat color, then you use a cheap kiddie pool, fill it with water, spray your favorite paint right on top of the water, slowly stir it with a stick to make some swirls in the paint, then dip your parts into the water. Just to try it I used a 5 gallon bucket and dipped an altoids can. Ideally you want to only do one color at a time, and make sure to change the water between applications or it will come out lumpy like mine did. If you want to add some texture, that might not be a bad thing though.
  14. Your favorite 22?

    Thanks SJ. It took a while to get used to the looks of the european "hogs back" stock but it is amazingly comfortable to shoot. Anymore its kind of hard to find a rifle with stock dimensions that work well with iron sights. I guess it must be that most folks would rather mount optics on them. For me its easier to instinctively adjust for the drop of a .22 lr when using iron sights so very few of mine wear glass.
  15. Your favorite 22?

    My favorite one is a Cz 452 "Trainer". It has a Mauser style volley sight that's marked out to 200 meters and is a whole bunch of fun to play with.