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  1. tony

    Crab Traps

    i would like to go but dont have the time right now. I only have two pots the other 4 are part of the sea now after i let someone use them and he left them in when a nasty storm and 21 foot swells came threw half moon bay.As for good spots to drop the pots i would say in 200 + feet of water.I dropped them in 260 feet and had two limits worth over night.If you have time and about 200 bucks you can buy the stuff you need and put 6 pots together.if you have any other ? you can pm me and il give you my number.
  2. tony


    sorry to hear about your wifes grandmother... to live to be 95 is quite an accomplishment well i woke up and left this morning at 3:30 am with a friend to find out they wont open the pier till 7:30.when we got there it was raining and windy.There was about 15 people already there waiting also.By the time they opened the gate there was at least 40 or 50 people and it looked like a parade when the gate opened.The weather was on and off rain with high gusts at time and not fun to be in. The pier was packed with people by 9:00 .We called it a day with 10 nice dungeese and i pulled 7 up my self
  3. tony


    il be using a fishing pole so id say its crab fishing .
  4. tony


    well il be using snares off Pacifca Pier but i would prefer dropping pots of a boat. last year i took a 14 foot skiff out with a 9 hp evinrude with my lorance GPS .I had 6 square pots and droped them in 250 ft of water about 4 miles from pillar point harbor.my buddy couldnt make it out the next day so i went out alone and pulled a limit of ten dungeese at atleast 3 lbs a piece and threw three back.i did pull all three pots up by hand also, not so easy. Well when i came back to the harbor the was a guy who asked me how i did (prob because i was in a tin boat that didnt look so sea worthy) and s
  5. tony


    im gonna go crabbing this weekend off pacifica pier for dungees this sunday. opening day is saterday but cant make it out sat.If annybody else is gonna be out there il be at the end of the peir.im gonna try and be there by 5 am before the crowds show.
  6. took it to the range with some federal 55 grn and tight groups right from the start. I did shoot and clean break in process recommended by dpms.i will be adding a bipod soon also.here is the camera pic.
  7. try calling predator archery in gilroy.
  8. tony


    that guys crazy .... i dont know the recipe but i like the way they do it in the tai restraunts when theput the seasoning and crawdads in a bag and boil it.lots of flavor.
  9. i have a step son hes 6 and i was gonna buy him a 22 for Christmas and the crickett rifile weights the least at 2.5 lbs.should be easier for him to handle then the 10/22 at 5 lbs and i have boy on the way so it will get passed on in the family.
  10. tony

    upper ?

    ive been learning so much about AR's in the last few weeks.So much stuff i dont know but im happy im getting all the info i can and hope it makes me a better shoot to.i have a 1 9 twist so il be shooting 50 to 70 grain bullets.any suggestion on what brand,grn bullet would be helpful.ide like to shoot what i plan on hunting with to prob yotes and bobcats.thanks for all your help guys.
  11. tony

    upper ?

    ya im just gonna order the .223 barrel and i figure if i want the 5.56 i can always get one later, two pins to swap the uppers is a beautiful thing.
  12. tony

    upper ?

    so i was talking to a buddy and he told me i should get 5.56/.223 because i would be able to use both rounds.so my question is if i get the 5.56/.223 possibly the RRA varmint A4 20inch would i lose accuracy when shooting .223 rounds?
  13. i can answer one question that is 11 plus round clips are not legal in Ca.
  14. just bought my lower from a local gun shop and the pick up date is the sep 2.it is a cmmg mod4sa .i will be ordering the upper and scope from midway usa .the upper will be the 20" bb from dpms.oh ya it is 223. cal .the 308 was calling my name but il save that gun for another day.
  15. i figure i jump in because im thinking of getting this upper for hunting . http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productnumber=173618 i also will be building my first ar and id like it to be accurate .would this work and any help appreciated
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