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  1. chino

    ar15 16inch barrel

    Hi to everybody...I'm in the process on building my first AR which I would like to use for coyote hunting and a little range shooting....but need some help on deciding between a Blackend 416 tainless Steel Bull Barrel .936 and a Blackend Stainless Steel M4 Profile Barrel.Both barrels come with a 1 in 8 twist..One of my main concerns is thw weight difference..does anybody have aby odea if the is a great significance in weight difference ...they are both 16 inch length barrels Thanks in advance to everybody...
  2. chino

    AR Rifle kits

    Does anyone have any feedback on buying or any experience with dealing from akpartskits.com...I looked at a couple complete rifle kits for ar15s they have for sale at goo pricing but would like some feedback before buying from theHas anyone by any chance have any feedback from these guys...good or bad....would really appreciate any kind of experiences from this guys..Thank You.
  3. chino

    Complete Rifle Kit for AR15

    Thanks foster, they have some nice pricing...do you have any kind os experience with this company at all?.. I was looking at one of their kits and it says that their barrel is a blackend stainless steel, do you by any chance know if this make a bit too heavy or something or any feedback on this kind of barrels? Again thank you for the site
  4. Thanks 375Ranger... yes this does help anything will help since I haven't found exactly the scope to buy buut am looking around for affordable but yet not too cheap of stuff...Thanks again
  5. I'm looking for a compact tactical scope for my ar 15 and was looking at a few scopes from Aim Sports Inc.com and they have a few that look really nice but was wondering if anyone here have any experience with scopes from them or any kind of experience with these scopes. One of the concerns that I had was that if these rifles have a windage and elevation adjustments with just your fingers or do you need a tool such as a screwdriver or something like?Would also like some recommendations on compact scopes for ar15....i like scopes with BDC reticles but will consider others...lets hear those pros and cons and recommendations..
  6. chino

    New Scopes Are Here!!

    Desert_Dog do any of this scopes come with the BDC reticle? and will the hold on an AR15? Are you any close to San Diego?
  7. chino

    Complete Rifle Kit for AR15

    Was wondering if anybody has any recommendations on a complete rifle kit for an AR15. I am looking for a bull barrel in 20 inches in a .223 or .223 wydle or 5.56. Again does anyone have any recommendation on a good supplier but not as expensive? If anythiong around South Cal would be better but not necessarily have to be around this area willing to look around. I took a look at RANGERSALES and AR15-kits and JTDistributing but wanted some opinions..I send e-mails to Rangersales and Ar15-kits but had no answer at all.
  8. chino

    Plum Crazy

    Hi, first of all I am new in this forum and might be posting in the wrong section but hope to hear from lots of you guys on your opinions. My question was have any of you guys and ladies if any around here ever bought or shot PlumCrazy lower reciver and what are they like. Are they worth buying and does anyone know what kind of material they are made of. BTW this is the first lower I am buying and was deciding on buying one of these Plum Crazy lowers which comes as a complete lower and the JD Machine which is around the same price bnut as a stripped lower. Any ideas or opinions would be greately appreciated Thank You everybody.