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  1. lilwes278

    Reason there is no Deer

    What would a cat being doing with 3 cups??? Seriously though, there are 5 cats in the pics I posted. Maybe it's a mom & 4 cubs but they appear to all be full grown and of the same size. Either way, I know I wouldn't want to bump into them while out in the woods!
  2. lilwes278

    Reason there is no Deer

    These pics were taken near the Deschutes River in Oregon just about a year ago:
  3. lilwes278

    Johnny Popper part II

    That was a nice little video you sent me earlier. She purrs (I mean POPS!) like a kitten...
  4. lilwes278

    Strange Pic

    Pssst...lemme let you in on a little secret. Google "Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders" and you'll be saying Crimson-who???
  5. lilwes278

    Strange Pic

    But I thought those Cuddebacks are supposed to have "an ultrafast trigger speed" so you don't miss the pictures???
  6. lilwes278

    Trail Cam Q

    All of the cameras I have seen take pics 24/7.
  7. lilwes278

    I hate a thief

    Sorry, I know this is an old post but I just noticed it. First, it would be hard for him to ride away on the bike with two nearly-flat tires.Second, I would post this picture on the front of your home. If he does try to come back later, at least he will know he is being watched.
  8. lilwes278

    Need help selecting a generator

    Actually, if it's a stationary tank it would have to be filled from a delivery truck which uses a PTO driven liquid pump (or vapor compressor). Another way to transfer smaller quantities is to "sweat" the propane from one tank to another, making sure one tank is a bit warmer than the other and then opening the valves. The liquid will be drawn into the cooler tank due to pressure differences. When I used to haul propane I sometimes acquired old portable propane tanks that still had fuel in them but did not have the newer OPD valves. I would "sweat" the remaining liquid into my newer tanks by leaving the old tank sitting out in the sun and running cool water over the newer tank. I never could get every last drop but it still worked surprisingly well. Hypothetically you could "sweat" a gallon or two into your storage tank, then fire the generator & provide electricity to an electric LPG pump (that you would have to provide along with an extra hose & brass fittings), but in the end you still would have to get a delivery truck out to your house which may not be possible under chatastrophic conditions. For filling portable tanks without power, just bleed out all of the pressure. The pressure from the main storage tank will push liquid into your portable and cracking the bleeder screw will keep the liquid flowing without equalizing the pressure between both tanks. Most bulk storage tanks have anywhere from 60-130psi in them.
  9. lilwes278

    Freezer jam

    Wanna trade some California strawberry freezer jam for some Oregon blackberry freezer jam?
  10. lilwes278

    Dan Wesson .357 mag

    He sent me a text this afternoon, told me what he paid for it, and yes he certainly got a good deal! Lucky sonofagun!!!
  11. lilwes278

    gun safe question

    Very, very true.
  12. lilwes278


    You're probably thinking of a REMCO driveshaft coupler.
  13. lilwes278


    Who's beating a dead horse? I didn't see anyone else mention the jacket/blanket over your head idea, the body/sleeping bag warmer idea, or the suggestion of keeping a wool blanket with you at all times. Sure beats "pulling your truck up next to your campfire" (unless you actually prefer ash, smoke, and possibly sparks getting on your vehicle & tent)...
  14. lilwes278

    gun safe question

    I'm looking at buying a Tracker T440 safe after we move into our new house. Pretty good price for the size/options. Only has a one year warranty but has anyone ever really worn out a safe??? 45 cubic feet, 45 gun capacity, 975 pounds, all for $929...http://trackersafe.com/extralarge.html
  15. lilwes278


    I use a Coleman BlackCat catalytic heater in my 10'x10' Kodiak, but I only turn it on for a few minutes before bed, and then long enough to warm the tent in the morning. It's designed for indoor use but I don't trust it enough to sleep with it on. I also sleep in a Cabelas Pine Ridge Classic sleeping bag that is rated to -20*, plus a roll of 2" memory foam that I lay between my bag & cot, and an old comforter if I need extra layering. If your face gets cold, you can always throw a jacket or blanket over your head. Another option is getting a few of those 12-hour-long body/sleeping bag warmers and stick them in your sleeping bag *see link*. Been tent camping in temperatures near 0* with no problems. I also keep a heavy wool blanket inside of every vehicle I own (including my work truck). You never know when you're going to be stranded in cold weather for an extended period of time.http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...h-box.jsp.form1