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  1. Thanks guys. The encouragement is appreciated. And bullseye I just subscribed I like what you got brother. Keep it up.
  2. Check out this video I shot this morning. All of the deer footage was from this morning. Let me know what you guys think. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aTCwxnT41Xg
  3. I'm up there every day it seems like. But as far as filming I need to step it up. I have lots of film just nothing worth sharing really.
  4. Thanks guys. Hopefully we can get a full couse deer film up at the end of the season.
  5. I set up a youtube channle so I can share some of my hunts and scouting missions. Hope you guys like it...and if you do dont forget to subscribe. Ill have more videos up and hopefully a full film at the end of the next hunting season.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8muxI2dc069NSWz06KKnw
  6. That's a monster elk. Congrats on the kill and mount.
  7. Look at the black and whites.
  8. No a patron bottle That someone left. Ya that range is filthy. I might join my buddy when they do there clean up....lot of use and it seems everyone leave their trash and spent shells/brass.
  9. SHE I've been wondering where you were. We should get together so you can teach me about this gun. I went to the range and I hit a bottle at a hundred yards. I am impressed by the mrod so far.
  10. I just ordered the m rod .25 and was wondering if I made a good choice in waiting so long to buy. I was hoping that a bugs have been worked out. Also if anyone has some experience with the pellet gun.
  11. I got rid of the rats in my yard with a trail np in 22. Right now I'm working on field mice...I have been shooting them at ten feet inside the hole. I've got 14 in two days.
  12. Bury it with skin on and leave it for month's...seriously gives it that museum look to it. It's awesome, I tried to recreate that look by using stain but I think nature does a way better job.
  13. Im not into all white so I decided to do it a bit different from what I have seen.
  14. You could have had someone find a replacement cape and had the shoulder mount done