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  1. Bobcat

    Diesel trucks

    2014 dodge 3500 6.7 turbo diesel HD 4X4 megacab So far so good, we will see.
  2. Bobcat

    Took the new jeep for a run.

    You can't see it from this angle but there is a spot were you stuff money in and it never fills up.
  3. Bobcat

    Which waders

    One thing to consider is how they attach over the shoulder some have a buckle that might be where your gun shoulders. A stout 12 gauge load recoiling on that buckle doesn't feel to good.
  4. Bobcat

    Another Cal AR

    DPMS stock.
  5. Bobcat

    Another Cal AR

    Ordered from PK Firearms they had it in stock, took about 5 days.
  6. Bobcat

    Another Cal AR

    The worst thing about building an AR is waiting for that brown truck. GOT R DONERRA Advanced Tactical Hunter upperStag lower, American Gold trigger
  7. Bobcat

    Minute of Angle ?

    For those of us who aren't sure, here is a good explanation.
  8. Bobcat

    Getting your kill back to the vehicle

    This is what we use. A lot easier than dragging it.
  9. Bobcat


    I've been getting 15mpg in city 18 highway. Its got Performance exhaust and cold air intake.For better or worse, not sure.
  10. Bobcat


    2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, 20,000 miles. Picked this up last weekend. My dream hunting rig.