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  1. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    I found the TTSX’s were running 1.5-2” on average so I decided to try something different. My buddy swears by them, so I loaded up some 92g Cavity Back MKZ’s. I used some R-19 and did a little testing last week. Nothing crazy... I couldnt find any info on the bullet so I contacted CCB. They said a safe start is 42-43g up to 46. So just to be safe I loaded up 41,42 and 43 grains all at 2.71”. They got tighter with more powder. Currently 3 shots with 43g is at .95”. These bullets are LONG but I know I can get them dialed in nice and tight. My first 2 shots were right on top of each other. I couldnt see seperation until I walked to the target and looked close. The 3rd was the entire spread! I FINALLY feel confident with a lead free bullet out of this .243!
  2. seebass

    92 grain MKZ Cavity Back Bullets in .243

    A 3 shot group with a light load of 43g of R-19 @ 2.71”. There was a light 3-5mph breeze. With the 2 shots touching I’m excited to dial in a load. No chrono yet... I definitely need to at least pick up an inexpensive one soon.
  3. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    I loaded up some of the Barnes 80g TTSX’s with 42g of R-19 to 2.61” along with some 80g GMX’s also with 42g of R-19 tonight. Im going to shoot them in the morning to see if they group any better than what Im getting now with my current load. Carlos
  4. Ive had a box laying around for a few months now waiting on a better powder then Varget. While i was out at Sportsman Warehouse yesterday I picked up a bottle or R-19 to try with them. I’m not really expecting much with how long they are (1.22”) combined with a 10 twist barrel. But I figured I’d atleast try. I loaded 3 3 round sets to start. 41, 42 and 43 grains all at 2.71”. I really just want to see if they’ll even shoot. Im afraid they may just tumble... I’ll get out tomorrow morning and run the tests and come back with a report. Carlos
  5. Cabela’s ZONZ Western has been my favorite pattern since finding it a few years ago. I really liked the light tans and shrub style pattern. It covered a combo of cattle county, high desert, and upper elevation very well. Unfortunately Cabela’s/Bass Pro discontinued it last year. I was out at Sportsmans Warehouse yesterday and found another pattern I liked that covers the same type of ground but didn’t break the bank. I picked up a pair of six pocket pants for $35. Its Kings Camo in Desert Shadow. Nothing fancy... I wear a 34 and the large fits perfect. After trying on the pants this is a great deal https://www.kingscamo.com/products/mens-classic-bundle-in-desert-shadow?variant=3258973945877 Carlos
  6. seebass

    Backpack w/cushion

    I’ve been using the Cabela’s Speedy Yote Kickstand Vest for the last few years. Not sure if they still sell them.
  7. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    I didn’t know Bergers made lead free bullets?
  8. seebass

    new stock question

    It felt really good shooting!! It’s got a bit more weight to it then the factory stock so it absorbs recoil well and the fit in the shoulder is awesome. I didn’t mention it before but it does free float the barrel. for $200, it’s a stock I’d recommend if your looking for an upgrade to the factory stock but don’t want a high dollar pillar and bedded one. I’m a fan!! Carlos
  9. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    I put it in a Boyd’s At-One. No bedding or pillars, I just dropped it in. Yes it is a 10 twist 24” barrel Took it out on Monday. It shot just under an inch with both the 68 V Max (2.625”coal) and 80g Barnes (2.61”coal) I have a little bit of confidence in the load now. Nothing like my ragged hole VSF though. I’ll continue to work on something better. I’m just hoping to get a lead free load in the .5-.75” @100 yards. Thanks for advice! I’ll look for an 87-100 grain lead free bullet.
  10. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    After swapping out the stock, I went out and shot some paper with the 55g Nosler LFBT. It was HORRIBLE!!! There was zero consistency. Really disappointing. I went out out and bought a box of 80g Barnes TTSX’s to test. I noticed this bullet has 3 canulears instead of the 2 on the GMX’s. Maybe that’ll help accuracy? Barnes published .05” off the lands for best results. After measuring as best I could I started at 2.71” just to follow Barnes. I then dropped to 2.66”, 2.63”, 2.61” and 2.59”. 2.59” covers all canulears. I’m using 35.5g of Varget per Hodgdon. I’ll buy a bottle of different powder if this test doesn’t work I also picked up a box of 68g VMax’s to test. Going to try 42 and 43g of Varget at 2.625” and 2.645”. That way if I find a quick accurate load I’ll have the confidence when shooting the .243. Until then I’m feeling like anything passed about 150 yards is questionable.
  11. seebass

    new stock question

    I really like the fit! I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the stock on install. The rifle dropped right in and the stock bolts fit perfectly. The cheek and shoulder adjustments are very solid with no movement. The finish is nice. Nothing fancy. The stock itself is wider than the original with a nice thick hand grip. It feels a LOT stiffer. The stock is angular in its design. It seems to be a littler bulkier then necessary because of the way it is cut. It doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it might with others. Before shooting it, I’m going to give it a 8.5/10
  12. Bisley put put in some work for me here Check it out. That data has led AND non led bullets shown as the same. That is weird because a 55g LF bullet is longer then it’s led counterpart. I went with Varget and used Hogden’s load data. They’re MAX load is less then Noslers starting load which raised my eyebrows! I’m going to try some RL-19 next Carlis
  13. seebass

    new stock question

    I thought the same thing. I know it is not bedded nor does it have pillars. It’s just Boyd’s strong laminate wood. I bought one a couple of weeks ago. It’s in transit. Should be here on Monday. I’ll let you know how the fit and finish is when I get it.
  14. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    It was windy out today!! I had to back my truck in next to my bench to use as a wind blocker so I could get a steady rest. 10-15mph with gusts higher. I shot #1 then adjusted my scope left a bit for the next few. After shooting my 38.5g tests and seeing shrinking groups with 2.61” right at 1” and then open back up with 39g@2.71” I decided to stop. I really like where 38.5g @2.61” and shortening is headed. I will now make a few tests at 38.5g @2.59”, 2.57” and 2.55”. I’m fairly confident I’ll find a really accurate load somewhere within this next test. With the left over loaded test rounds I’m going to push them all down to 2.60” and see how they do. I may even load a few extra 39.5’s to the shorter depths just for fun. Bisley, THANKS again for the seating depth recommendation!! That’s really where the golden ticket is hidden with these copper bullets. Carlos
  15. seebass

    New coyote rifle

    I got another test ready to go. This time I’m going to try the 55g Nosler BTLF. As as you can see I went with different charges at 2.71” and a couple different seat depths at 38.5g. I decided to go with the conservative Hodgdon data. I’ll try one last text with the 80g GMX’s (red tip) as I’ve got those loaded with 35.7g @ 2.54”. Carlos