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  1. Thought about you when I saw these Rommel. What do you think?? A 30 caliber G1 of .878? https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/articles/hornady-a-tip-bullets.aspx
  2. Saw this on the interwebs the other day. Looks like a Shockwave but with CS24C speakers. I like the center of the horn tweeters. It looks like the same TX1000 remote. I’m curious to know what the blue switch is for. Bluetooth maybe?
  3. Check these bad boys out!! https://www.cavitybackbullets.com/product-p/cb-mkz-6mm-.243-92.htm Basically a do all CA bullet. My 10 twist 700 .243 loves them with 42g of R-19
  4. Its a Winchester 1300 😁
  5. Old school dimple style. The wrench in the picture is what bent. I just used a pair of pliers and a rag to loosen it when I got home. 15+ hits is good enough for now. I’ll just stay with the Modified untill I can test again.
  6. Pattern testing partially done. My choke wrench bent so I was only able to pattern one choke. I took 3 shots with my Modified choke at a 10” plate/circle at 40 yards. I got 15, 19 and 16 hits out of the 3. I only have the single BB at the end if my barrel, if I mount a cheap optic I’m sure I can get better results. HW13 is impressive in the damage done to the pallet I shot!!! I recovered 2 BB’s and they still looked BRAND new!! No deformation at all!
  7. I called Bucks Run yesterday to inquire about my order from last Friday. They said “it hasn’t shipped yet but it will go out today”. What??? Its a little frustrating when you get charged within an hour of ordering to find out your order sat on their self for a week. I was really hoping to get it this week as Im going out on Sunday. I guess it’ll be a rifle day tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get the shot this week. Carlos
  8. This morning I ordered 10lbs of HW13 BB’s from Bucks Run Sports/RSI. $235 plus shipping. Should be here by Thursday!
  9. All thats left to get is the HW13 and I’ll be on my way!
  10. From the time I shot my first coyotes 20 some years ago, I never carried a shotgun on a stand until this past weekend! I took a buddy out on Sunday that uses a 6.8 SPC AR. I always defer the shots to whoever I take out, so I decided to try something different this time. I brought my Win 1300 NWTF 12g out with me! While not the greatest coyote shotgun, it'll do until I can pickup a better model. It was totally different out there!! And I want MORE!!! Seeing a coyote at 250 yards KNOWING I had to coax it in was an awesome feeling! Even though my buddy shot that particular coyote, I felt something different about that hunt. So... I took the dive a bought a reloader just now! I also bought some hulls, wads, mylar and some different sized spacers. I didn't want to pay the Hazmat fee so I'll run to my local shop and pick up some Steel powder in the near future. I'm going to start with some HW13 BB's Strictly coyote loads for the time being. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share in the near future!
  11. I believe it falls under this section Subdividion 2 Chapter 1 §251.9. Computer Assisted Remote Hunting. (a) It is unlawful to take or assist in the taking of any bird or mammal in or from this state, by computer-assisted remote hunting. (b) It is unlawful to establish or operate a computer-assisted remote hunting site for the purpose of taking any bird or mammal from or within this state. (c) For the purposes of this section, "computer-assisted remote hunting" means the use of a computer or any other remotely controlled device, equipment, software, or technology, to remotely control the aiming or discharge of any weapon, including, but not limited to, any firearm, bow and arrow, spear, harpoon or any other weapon capable of killing or injuring any bird or mammal, for the purposes of taking any bird or mammal. "computer-assisted remote hunting site" means any computer, internet site or web-based device or system, or other electronically operated site or system used to assist in the remote taking of any bird or mammal. The last sentence takes it out of just aiming and discharging by incapsulating all assisted taking of GAME. Just my interpretation
  12. Ever since I got my Shockwave Ive been wanting to create some hunt sequences. It’s kind of tough if not impossible when you dont know how long each separate sound file is. After scouring the interwebs, I had absolutely ZERO luck finding a FOXPRO sound duration list. So, I decided there was no better day than today to sit down and time every sound I have. 180 sounds took me a tad over 3 hours. The times of each file varied more than i thought they would. The longest one ran about 1:50, the shortest 8 seconds. I now understand why FP doeent have the times published anywhere online. If they did a lot of their sounds would get passed up. Some of the best are shorter files with my #1 favorite sound being toward the top of the legnth list. I have them all on a nice spreadsheet but I haven't decided if I’m going to share them online yet. What is your opinion? Would you share this type of information?
  13. I found the TTSX’s were running 1.5-2” on average so I decided to try something different. My buddy swears by them, so I loaded up some 92g Cavity Back MKZ’s. I used some R-19 and did a little testing last week. Nothing crazy... I couldnt find any info on the bullet so I contacted CCB. They said a safe start is 42-43g up to 46. So just to be safe I loaded up 41,42 and 43 grains all at 2.71”. They got tighter with more powder. Currently 3 shots with 43g is at .95”. These bullets are LONG but I know I can get them dialed in nice and tight. My first 2 shots were right on top of each other. I couldnt see seperation until I walked to the target and looked close. The 3rd was the entire spread! I FINALLY feel confident with a lead free bullet out of this .243!
  14. A 3 shot group with a light load of 43g of R-19 @ 2.71”. There was a light 3-5mph breeze. With the 2 shots touching I’m excited to dial in a load. No chrono yet... I definitely need to at least pick up an inexpensive one soon.
  15. I loaded up some of the Barnes 80g TTSX’s with 42g of R-19 to 2.61” along with some 80g GMX’s also with 42g of R-19 tonight. Im going to shoot them in the morning to see if they group any better than what Im getting now with my current load. Carlos
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