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  1. Zara Spooks and Frogs worked today.

    Great fish Bob!! I bet the strike got the blood pumping!
  2. https://youtu.be/LM19AQbayfU I see... I got a message that asked if I wanted the video to be embedded or just a link. I picked a link, let's see if that worked. Thanks Yateswell.
  3. I've tried to post the video from my YouTube channel but I keep getting an error message. Can we not do this? Is uploading it to Photobucket the only way of posting the video?
  4. I got the diaphragms in the mail yesterday. VERY quick shipping and they came in a convenient little plastic container. I haven't had the time to try them out yet but I will in just a few. Gotta finish making our granddaughter (5 months) some organic fruits and vegetables. She's going to start food this week. My wife and I would like her to eat as healthy as possible. Mom's all for it, plus this is another subtle way we can help ease the burden of our sons new family. I didn't get charged for the purchase until yesterday either, so obvious they put trust in their customer base. That's a nice thing to see! The word on the street is they're hard to use at first. I havent been able to get an answer if it's hard for new diaphragm users or for people like myself that feel confident using them. So, the "new" thing on FaceSpace is to record your first try with them and post it so everyone can hear how you sound. I'm going to record my video as soon as our baby Mayvis' food is prepared. Stay tuned! Carlis
  5. I just woke my wife up laughing! Thanks B!!
  6. I've been reading about these diaphragms for a while now. When blown correctly they sound amazing. I'm fairly proficient with my other diaphragms so I decided to order their starter combo pack. I'll come back when I get them and let you all know if I like them. Supposedly they're a little tough to get at first but we'll see if it rings true with myself. Carlos
  7. I'm with Bob in that I'm happy to see Foxpro is lowering their prices. Lots of new companies getting into E callers today so I'm sure that's part of it. I'm sure FP recognized this and that's why the CS24C price was reduced. It is now the best deal in industry right now! IMHO While it seems a bit much... I sure as heck yeah wouldn't turn down a demo model to try out!!!
  8. Foxpro

    The TX1000 can be as basic or as technical as you want to make it or use it. It does seem a bit much at first but you'll get used to it. I basically use one screen, FAVORITES. Along with my hand call howler, I've found I don't need much else. It's the remotes ability to transmit the signal that's so impressive. I'm not sure of the "technology" but the TX1000 is unsurpassed. I have yet to have a problem with transmission. After having the basic Firestorm remote for 4 years I LOVE that I don't have to raise my hand when pushing buttons. With the TX1000 I can keep the remote close to my lap when changing sounds and whether it be punching through grass, having the caller behind a rock or just out of view it always seems to transmit when I want it to. That's what it's really about with this new remote. The other remotes are good don't get me wrong. The TX1000 is just better and worth the extra $$ IMO Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. Foxpro

    Completely different aninals between the 2. If you got the cash I'd go with the CS24. Whatever you choose, I'd go with a TX1000 remote model. I love my shockwave!! The remote is virtually flawless.
  10. Coyote Non Lead Rifle in 243?

    I stand corrected... i didn't look at it closely as it felt heavier than I wanted. I thought it was actually a charging handle. Bisley- Did you get a chance to shoot your Grendel yet? It's a beautiful looking gun! I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to go with as my next coyote gun. Probably by the end of the year.
  11. Coyote Non Lead Rifle in 243?

    Ruger makes a semi auto called the Ruger precision rifle. It's an AR-10 platform snd comes in a few different calibers. Al Morris uses one on Foxpro furtakers occasionally. I've looked at them at the local gun store and they are a bit heavy. Nothing I'm not used, I've been lugging around my VSF the last 4 years The extra weight of that Ruger has me considering an AR-15 platformed 6.5 grendel as my next coyote gun. Good of luck in your search!
  12. Next rifle...help.

    I've used a Vortex Viper 4-12x40PA exclusively for the past 4 years. In that time, I figure I've carried my rifle with that scope over my shoulder for 250-300 walking miles. Through 100's of shots, banging it on occasion, resting it on posts, and just the general beating one takes while hunting it still sights true. I will buy Vortex rifle scopes from now on (or until the time comes that I can afford (my wife allows me) a Night Force or US Optics) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Welcome to the forum and good luck in your selection! You've found a great place with an even better group of people willing to share lifes worth of experiences!
  13. LEE Reloading Stand

    I bought the LEE reloading stand last week and got it set up last night. I wasn't expecting much with it being just a tripod BUT... This thing is awesomely sturdy with or without the cinder block underneath! Definitely worth the money if you are looking for something simple yet totally functional! Carlos
  14. Thats pretty amazing considering it's nothing but air pressure! How many rounds do you get out of a tank? Nice shooting by the way!
  15. She's shopping online next to me right now!! Lol No really... she is!