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  1. Hi, Shooter John's recent post got me thinking about how things have changed over the last 10 even the last 5 years in regards to mapping software. A good website to check out is this one https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ They have free software you can download and add to Garmin's Basecamp mapping software ,you can upload and download to your Garmin GPS and transfer waypoints to Google Earth. The printing not so much, but being able to save waypoints in something other than your GPS is very important. I have some of the old NG Topo! series of mapping CD's which I use constantly as they print out really detailed maps, too bad they discontinued them. Anyway good luck with your adventures Robert
  2. Free Maps from National Geographic

    Just checked out the site
  3. Rabbits

    Well went out this morning with a couple of friends, no rabbits. We saw about 7-8 but could not close the distance. Hope others will have better luck
  4. Rabbits

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone was going out this Friday, 1st day of cottontail. Will be heading out myself and try to find a few and see if I can hit them with my recurve Robert
  5. GPS Topo Maps

    The National Geographic seris of state maps can be downloaded onto your GPS. With an SD card you can download maps of different areas and also you can save them onto your computer with the special Vantage software that you should of received when you bought your GPS unit. Check out the Magellan website on how to download the software to your computer. If you need help PM me Robert